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Ispothid - Deep Jungle Plague Spewer

What are they?
The Ispothids are strange creatures that live in the depths of the northeastern Jungles of Mijhail, the deepest, darkest, and least explored area of the jungle. This odd creature looks like a cross between a giant centipede and a jellyfish. With long cylindrical bodies, four main legs and dozens of smaller hooked appendages, translucent purple skin that hangs from them like a sheet, and a gaping maw with rows of fine teeth and a long forked tongue that slithers in and out of its head.  
Nicknamed Deep Jungle Plague Spewers for their ability to spew forth a thick cloud of purple miasma. This cloud is noxious and smells of burnt meat and rotting vegetation. But despite its smell, and rather terrifying appearance, the Ispothid's exhalation is completely harmless.   For you see, everything about the Ispothids is about scare tactics, their frightening appearance, and the terrifying fog that emulates a more infamous miasma (See the The Ruined Plateau of Thysduin).   It is all just to get a leg up when against more vicious animals that live alongside them in the jungles.
Deep within the Jungles of Mijhail
  In fact, the Ispothids are rather skittish and easily frightened. If their scare tactics are ignored and a predator approaches them they will flee in an instant. Hiding in holes and tunnels that they dig out in order to sleep, travel, and shelter themselves within.
How were they discovered?
The Deep Jungle Plague Spewer was discovered quite recently, only a couple of years ago in fact. They were stumbled upon by a group of researchers travelling through an unknown region of the northeastern region of the Jungles of Mijhail. They were of course looking for clues on the whereabouts of the The Lost Village of Esfynor as most researchers and adventurers travelling through this area are want to do.  
A full body view of an Ispothid
These researchers were initially aghast at the creatures and fled quickly to their home base after several of the collected Ispothids began to spew forth its noxious purple gas.   However, after some cautious watching from afar, the researchers attempted a second approach and quickly realized that the creatures were much more afraid of them than they were of it.   Over the few years since this new species was discovered other researchers have visited the region in which the Ispothids were found in order to study them. And much of their habits, behaviour, and physiology have been thoroughly catalogued.
  Young Ispothids have been observed, so researchers know that they reproduce on an annual basis at the very least. But their means of reproduction is still an absolute mystery. But some researchers believe it must be conducted underground in tunnels the Ispothids dig for their various purposes.
The Ispothids are deep jungle creatures that look like a tall cross between a centipede and a jellyfish, that spew forth noxious bouts of gas in order to scare away the other predators of the jungle. In fact, these rather scary-looking creatures are practically harmless. They were only recently discovered, when a group of researchers on an unrelated expedition stumbled upon a small group of them.
Scientific Name
Mijhail Ispothid
Geographic Distribution
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