Cacophony Madness

A Madman Wishes

They hadn’t seen what he’d seen, how could they know!? The colours! That bright wind lashing out at him! And my gods, that beast! Seemingly made out of crystal and rock. Why!? Why wouldn’t anyone listening!?   He ran, ran as fast as he could grabbing any of those nearest to his grasp. He spoke to them, please please listen to me he screamed at them. They responded with panic and fear in their eyes, backing away quickly. Had he gone mad?   And yes, in fact, he was going mad. For these were the last remnants the man’s conscious mind slipping away. His body and speech already devolving into frantic gibberings. The last composed thoughts of a man slipping away the abyss of his own mind, so sad. How would he tell his story now, he thought. Then this internal monologue too slipped from him, lost in a chaotic wave of insanity. Now he has truly become a mad man, forever lost to the madness of the Cacophony.
What is Cacophony Madness?
Cacophony Madness is a mental illness caused when an individual unprotected exposure to the energies of the realm of the Cacophony. This exposure often causes a maddening effect that drives the individual mad. Turning them into a gibbering and incoherent mess, oftentimes becoming violent to themselves and others.   When one who is weak of mind or unsuited to the nature of the energies of the cacophony views or steps into its realm. They run the risk of their minds becoming broken and becoming lost to madness. On the rare occasion that an individual does stumble upon a portal or window into this wild place, they must be careful. Only those of strong mind and conviction can survive the buffeting powers of this realm.   It is a rare occurrence, viewing or stepping into the Cacophony. So when individuals are struck with this affliction they are treated as any such madman or madwoman would be. They are either ignored, shipped off to an insane asylum, or whisked about by concerned family or friends.  
What are the symptoms?
If a regular citizen, with no magical experience or mental fortitude, were to even view the chaotic winds, let alone enter the realm of the cacophony their brain could become overwhelmed with the intensity of its forces. This may cause an individual to go mad, losing all sense of themselves and of the reality, they exist on.   They are left a confused and lost mess, wandering the streets and fields of their homes muttering to themselves about incoherent things. Common amongst these mutterings are descriptions of endless shapes, colours, and sensations. Odd gibberings about lost kingdoms, massive sentient golems, and unimaginable magical beings. Some people become so overwhelmed they have left a mindless husk, left drooling wherever they find themselves after their harrowing experience.
Is there a cure?
No known cure has been found for this, but this is in part due to no one knowing the cause of this particular madness. None have ever come through this madness to tell of their experiences. Hence no experts even know to look into their particular cases.   If only they were able to they communicate their plight. Maybe then they would be able to better clarify their mutterings and get the assistance they so greatly seek. Sadly this has yet to pass and people suffering from this mental affliction continue to look like simple madmen.
Chronic, Acquired
What is the Realm of the Cacophony?
The cacophony is a realm of unending energy, chaotic and mad in nature. No normal person in Fyria has entered this realm and returned unscathed. Very little is known about this realm and most information is either hypothetical or based on brief glimpses of the realm. Even these glimpses have come at a cost.


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