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The year is 2025 and by a fluke of human cooperation, humanity lands its first manned mission on Mars. The crew that landed near Olympus Mons discovered that the largest mountain in the solar system was really just a giant spaceship from some alien empire. The technology found on the ship propelled humanity a thousand years into the future, and by 2030, the first interstellar spacecraft was launched.   About Futuron
Welcome to the Futuron, weary traveler. What is Futuron about, you may ask. Futuron is a science-fiction universe set in our Milky Way in the not so distant future. We follow Humanity on its journey of fitting in and adapting to a new reality while dealing with a plethora of social issues and ethics.   What's the end goal?
I have been working on Futuron for over half a year, while a lot is still in my head, I am slowly adding more information on Futuron's World Anvil page. I had planned a novel, but after much thinking, I have decided to turn the first Futuron novel into a fully fledged screenplay, in the hope that I may be able to pitch it in the future. That's a big dream, and I realize that it may never come to fruition, but you never know when you don't try, and hey, if it doesn't work out I'll still turn it into a novel.   Why the Patreon?
I would like to commission artists, not only to make my articles on World Anvil more pretty but also as a way to visualize some of the ideas if I end up pitching the screenplay. But as you may or may not know, good artists don't come cheap, it's one thing to be able to draw a humanoid figure, but that's not exactly what I want. I want artists to draw the people, aliens, and ships of Futuron, from the floating Rezaar to the enormous ships of old. from the Captain of the U.N.S.V Sagan, to Akazaar himself. I want it drawn.   What's in it for me?
You will get access to insider information. You will be the first to learn about where the project stands. You will get to see the artwork first (or any commissioned piece for that matter) and you will get access to top secret articles written on World Anvil, which I will write as I work on the screenplay alongside it. Check out the rewards for more info