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Future Worldbuild (WIP)


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The years following the Corporate Explosion have plunged nearly half of known space into grand wars, with dozens of tyrannical monopolies each vying for their own slice of the galactic pie.
A hostile alien empire gathers at humanity's gates, waiting for its foe to drop its guard
Technological terrors, sealed long ago, risk emerging onto the interstellar scene, threatening all who would seek to use (or, more likely, misuse) them
A collection of ideas for a futuristic (but pretty generic) personal world-building project that I've had on the back-burner for a while, inspired by a variety of disparate sources, including Starsector, BattleTech, and others. If these influences seem too obvious, then you're probably right; I am not exactly very original. Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle...
I may eventually make something more usable and more serious out of this, be it a story, a game, or modifying it heavily for a Traveller campaign setting or similar, but for now this will simply be an easy place to store and organize various ideas that I may have, using a more helpful site than a giant Google Doc.

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