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Future Earth

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The world has changed. Cities are utopias with new technology and ways of living. The only catch is these cities are underground or in giant domes. The surface world is no longer inhabitable, because now when its hot, its scorching, and when its cold all the blood in your body will freeze. Surrounding the earth are 4 moon sized planets made of garbage, used to catch asteroids from hitting the earth. But the problem isn't in the world, but in the people and there politics, there is a new race, and they are called Mists. Mists are humans but with misty white skin that can slightly change depending on there emotions, and there eyes are much more colorful and bright then our own. They are like humans in size, life expectancy, and brain size, but are naturally much stronger and faster, and if a Mist and a human breed they create a Grey, they have ugly grey skin and look very malnourished no matter what they do, and they are also infertile. When the secret ruler of the world disappears it will create a power vacuum that will be filled by the worst monsters the world has ever seen. And when a Mist woman is brutally murdered, a chain of events will set off what some may think to be the end of the world

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