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Start to make sense; and quit playin' these love games! Visell and Dedestra become a couple Pt. 4

A short time later.    The two heroines sit in frozen bumper-to-bumper traffic. A river of shiny clunkers, drop-tops, and refurbished wonders gleam from the hazy white Martian sun as noon imminently approaches. "Open wide!" Visel says. Dedestra shoots Visel an icy glare as she dangles mochi ice cream in front of her mask. "No." "Come on!" " I refuse." Visel sighs! She eats the Mochi. "Dude, you gotta eat something! I know your weird about the mask but- Dude . . . you'll be skin, bones, and hair if you don't chow down! I mean not that I'm complaining."She brings another mochi to her mask. Visell looks down at her laps and blushes. "I think you look really pretty like a giant-haired phantom! And even with the augments you pretty light! and I like that how you feel when we hug It's-" Visel feels wet, push on her hand and a mechanical whirling blares. A pinky tip-sized potion left of the mochi ice cream. Visel gasp! Her eyes fixate on Dedestra chewing under her mask as her hand drops down from it. Gulp! "I'm still listening, please, continue!" Visel pouts!   "Dude, No fair!" "All's fair in love and war. Your love if you didn't figure." Dedestra says cheekily, her eyes buried in another dusty Spanish text. Visel scoffs "Yeah, yeah." "Is the mask that offputting?" Dedestra winces. " Dude, no! It's fine. I get it. I just. I'm so used to seeing your lips." She sighs "Like when your heads in a book you do this thing, where you go to your own world! And you get this glow, your eyes relax and your lips part a little. I don't know. I always felt like. Everyone else just sees your hair and the book your in and I've always felt a little special that I'm close enough to see what it looks like when you're all . . . This. But Looking at this picture again, mask and all. It's the glow that I really love and I figure I've always just liked looking at your lips . . . cause ya know." Dedestra looks up from her book. "Ah. I see. Well . . . If you're so encapsulated by my visage. . . " Dedestra scoots over, pressing against Visel's shoulder, placing her hand on her thigh. "Here a closer look." Dedestra continues reading. Visell blushes. Her eyes trail around frantically. " Um actually scooch over a little . . ." Visel slips past her shoulder. She rests her head on Dedestra's lap and faces up. Dedestra inquires "Better?" Visell blushes "Better."   20 minutes passed. Noon begins to creep ever closer. Visel lays in Dedestra's lap, her eyes closed gently, her leg perched upon the door of the car. Folks start to get out their cars and post up on the side of the road, waiting out the standstill. Visel's eyes open to see Dedestra's glow outpace the very sun as it sits at its zenith, her face still buried in that dusty book. Dedestra glances down. Instinctually using her free hand to curl a lock of hair out of Visell face. "Enjoying your nap?" Visel stares up "Yeah definitely. I . . . really like seeing you as soon as I open my eyes. Best part fo' real." She yawns. "Plus your hair keeps the sun out of my eyes." Dedestra snickers. "I suppose that's the rationale behind my cute new nickname?" Visel's eyes shut and she scoffs. "You hate it, don't you?" Dedestra buries her face deeper in her book! "I don't recall saying that."   "Geez! Dude, It's all over your body language; your face, your voice! I can tell you don't like it!" Her face goes deeper. "I swear that's not the case." Visell pops up shooting through books. Visell sits on Dedestra's lap side-saddle. "Yeah right! The hell are you reading anyway?" Dedestra adjusts her book position as her arm is obstructed.   It's "Uni-chu ómnibusia delo poemzu kota Sum Lazuri Lora Lonuna," Gia Lashiimmian Spanish for An omnibus of poems by Lazuri Lora Lonuna. "She's an underground Lashiimmian Marxist. I've become quite an avid fan of her craft!" Visell starts picking with Dedestra's hair rummaging through it, plucking little bits of dirt, dandruff, lint, and dust out of its might curls. "How is it so far? You look really into it!" Dedestra looks over at Visell "It's fantastic so far, her fantastic analogies for capitalism and overproduction are powerful yet at times are steeped levity even, comedic. I'm sure you interested, but I'm a tad confused on why your picking through my hair after becoming so miffed."   Visel scoffs "I'm not mad at you! I just got worked up! That's why I'm picking crap out of your 'fro, dude. It's always calmed me down; it helps when I'm bored and testy, too!" Dedestra promptly sits her book down. "Huh, pecking with my hair, is meditative for you!? Interesting . . ." She picks through her satchel to retrieve a small notebook. she quickly flips through the myriad of pages. Scribbling and pen marks blaze past to stop suddenly at a blank page. She begins scribbling down notes. "I'm aware I have a calming or pacifying effect with you, but I'm fascinated by how extensive the sociable interactionism goes between us. Pertaining to the fascination with my hair specifically I always surmised it was a sort of OCD-derived tick or subtle subconscious show of apathy."   Visel scoffs with a look of confusion. She continues picking through her hair as she blushes. "Geez! You're such a dramatic geekazoid! To smart for your own good sometimes!" She titters "Confounded as all hell, but It's cute as all hell! I just . . . love your hair and every freaking crease on that big-ass brain for that matter!" Dedestra leans into Visel a little "Grazisu, Muto ( Thank you very much). "I do appreciate you monitoring my hygiene all this time, especially considering you find a small sense of pleasure in it. You're beautifully Interesting and . . ." She stops writing ". . . charmingly combative to say the very least the sum of you." She continues writing. Visel sticks her tongue, continuing to pick with her hair. "I'm feisty, you know it and you love it! I'm not some boring old fuddy lady and shit!" Dedestra snickers. "Yes, quite . . . spunky, indeed." Visell keeps picking stuff from her hair.   "Geez! We're all cutesy again! And still funky with the label!" "Too combative for your own good," Dedestra says with nonchalant sass as she flips through her book of poems! "I'm not combative, I'm hot and irritated! But I'm chilling! I'm sitting on you, I'm picking stuff out of your hair, my car's A/C system is the bee knees and full of salt fish crispers, and rice! So, I'm good!" Dedestra begins writing again, "And Incorrigible as ever." "Damn straight!" They sit in silence for a second. "So, what's the second favor!? We're going to be here for a minute; you might as well tell me!" Dedestra closes her book. "Not here, but I'll say this; We must go to the place where our love fell apart." Visel stops picking with her hair! What the hell is that supposed to mean!? Why would you-!?"   Visel lets out a little scream as she's pushed over, she simply falls back on the seat! Dedestra perches over her! Her book slides on the floor! Visell blushes profusely! "What's the big idea!? The people around have been staring at us and cooing! It's embarrassing! At least let me put the top up or-! Dedestra firmly presses a finger to Visel's lips soft lips. "Stop being combative." Visell stares into Dedestra's icy eyes. She crosses her arms and looks off to the side in surrender! Dedestra swiftly pulls a small lever. The soft blacktop engulfs the cabin! Dedestra stays perched on top of Visel. "The Sachmo SkyMall, top floor, Cafe Solitista . . . I would've obtained a reservation but" She grabs her book from the ground, flashing it. "Considering my philosophy . . ." Visel grabs her hand and leans up; her mouth parts to reprimand her further! Dedestra interjects "Ask me no questions(!)" she says firmly! Visell sighs heavily "Fine! As long as you start to make sense; and quit playin' these love games! It's weird!"   "I promise everything will be laid bare when we arrive." "Geez Now that sounds lewd what are you planning - Oh sorry. No questions right?" Dedestra snarks! "Careful, it's learning!" Visel scoffs and nudges her metal shoulder playfully "Shu it!" Dedestra lets out a prompt yet lifeless "Ow(!)" "Oh, sorry! Geez! I- Wait did you feel that!?" "Indeed, I did." "Great! Look like your getting used to the Mecha Nano-plasty Neural response!" "I have been experiencing significantly more sensations around you, certainly." Visel tenderly grabs her arm and kisses it. She blushes. Did . . . did you feel that? Dedestra stammers "Yes, a tad bit . . ." "Well good! Glad you . . . can feel me!" Visell blushes profusely.   "You know I intended my previous statement in a quasi-sexual manner, correct?" "Of course. Why do you think I'm all red! But chastity game is A1 right now your not gonna get me that easy!" "Sounds like a challenge!" Visell suddenly scowls in Dedestra's direction! "Symown! steal yourself I'm not . . . fully serious!" Visell scoffs. "You better be planning some, slow sangin and flower bringing after all this! Of some serious amount of kisses!" Dedestra snarks. "Only if you're a good girl!" Visell blushes and looks away. A 3 tone alarm blares across the hot dusty valley. Visel covers her ears! "Geez!"   A robotically monotone voice blast the reverb of the valley rendering it nearly unintelligible. EMERGENCY AND TRAFFIC CONGESTION HAS SUBSIDED! THE WALL OF SEVERANCE DOORS ARE OPENING AND WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! PLEASE FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC LAWS AND REGULATIONS.   45 Min. Later.   Visel and Dedestra stand side by side in the elevator on their way to the top of The Sachmo SkyMall. Visel stands stout with her arms crossed, bobbing and swaying her head to the particularly funky Bossa Nova Muzak blaring in the shiny cabin. Dedestra stands relaxed, her head buried in a new book, keeping time with her index finger and middle finger tapping the emphasized beats.   Dink!   They step out into the afternoon sun. The cool early spring breeze presses through their hair. They wave past the small smattering of patrons conversing and commiserating about. Dedestra picks out an optimal spot in the café. She pulls out a chair for Visel. "Hm! Well, ain't you a whole gentleman! Don't mind if do!" Visel plops down and crosses her legs! Dedestra elegantly folds her robe under her knees as she hunkers down. She promptly folds her book and stuffs it in her dusty satchel. Her hands are clasped together over her menu. Visel relaxes in the seat. the sit in silence. "So . . . Interesting choose of meeting-spot."   "Indeed. There was . . . quite a bit of pathos displayed here all those years ago. Those bittersweet, yet thankful still sweet . . ." Visel lets out a solemn "Yeah. . ." Dedestra clears her throat and a bit of pep enters her voice. "Well! Fortunately, we now have a chance to partake in the excellent refreshments here!" Visel scoffs and smirks "My treat right?" "Naturally! And I humble request so! They have quite fair prices, you'll be happy to know." Visel snickers! "Geez aren't you spoiled enough? You're lucky your cute and I'm charitable! Plus I just got paid!" Dedestra snickers.   A few moments later. Visel and Dedestra share a tall milkshake with caramel and cookie bits. Visel, her head in her hand, staring at Dedestra sipping her half with her straw finely tucked under a fold in her mask while reading. Dedestra states unprompted. "In all the land, spirit, and graces. A blur in race and fantastical feets seek a master. But in-search leads to immediate disaster. crumbling dreams and empty pastors. A warning of Earth from humanities' birth to it elegant red sister." "Visel stops sipping! "Oh, Lazura Lapo or something right?" "Dedestra giggles a bit "Well, profoundly inspired by Lazuri Lonuna."   "Oh shit! Was that an original!?" "One of a few I've been devising, she's more . . . elegant." Visel perks up! "No, Dude! That was pretty freaking tight, It has a nice meter to it and the imagery really hit! Definitely feel where you're coming from!" "Oh! Many thanks! I'm glad you fancied it!" Visel blushes "I mean I fancy a lot of the stuff you do! I dig your style, always have!" She perks up in her chair! "*Gasp!* We gotta start working on tracks again when you get all practiced up!" Dedestra's eyes note a smirk. "That would be wonderful, I hope I meet your standard." Visel scoffs "Pfft! Of course, you will! You'll always be my Lightening finger Zempai!"   Gasp! She freezes! She looks off to the side in embarrassment and scratches her head. "Er. . .Um, I mean, Geez! Sorry. I can't just up and call you by your Sojo (Common name) after all this freaking time!" "I'm certain that would be difficult but . . . that's not imperative at the moment . . ." Visel raises an eyebrow. "My second favor . . ." Visel leans back in her seat" Yeah you've been pretty mysterious about that!" "Like I said it's sensitive. And you're . . . sensitive." Visell pout "I'm not sensitive I'm passionate!" She whispers crossing her arms, pouting evermore. "So lay it on me!" She says with a challenging bearing as she strikes a Rosey The Riveter pose! "Whether you need someone's ass kicked or need wanna throw bricks at bureaucrats I'm game AF!" She grabs the straw and begins downing the milkshake again, her eye closed. Dedestra glances at her with an icy glare. She shuts her book and clasps her hands together on the table like a perfect student.   "What did you need to inform me about that night?" She pries. Visel swallows. "Uh, What night?" "That night you were on the radio, it seemed you needed to tell me something urgent." Visell swallows again. She blushes her head propped on her hand" "Oh! You actually caught my shows!?" She blushes and perks up. "As much as I could." "Well, geez, I wanted to tell you a lot of things! I was very . . . passionate for a while after you ran off. I . . . had a lot to say, and not a lot of nice stuff." Her eyes trail off to the side as she counties drinking. Dedestra looks down at her hands as they twiddle around in trepidation and contemplation. Her icy eyes shoot up to meet Visel's.   "Hey Joe?"   Visel eyes slowly widen and she chokes on her beverage! She coughs violently in her hand trying to catch her breath; a splatter of spit and milk cascade over the table. "Symown!?" Visell looks at her wet hand to see strings of crimson; A drilling, pounding feeling in her head and her breathing becomes ragged. Dedestra springs from her chair, shuffles around the tables and reaches out to Visel aiming to caress her shoulder.   Her hand is promptly swatted away! "Symown!?" Dedestra's heart drops as tears begin to stream down Visel's cheek. "I'm sorry! I just!" Her arms curl around her body and she begins to shiver! "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I'm sorry I forgot! I just wanted . . . I was so . . .!" Her teeth gritted! Her head hangs low as she starts to lean over and break down. Visel feels a burning, heaving sensation. Refusing to look at her love until a pulling force lifts her chin up compelling her eyes to meet Dedestra's. "Symown! What had transpired so to warrant such a reaction!? You look like your in shock! Dedestra caresses her face and wipes her teras. Visell grits her teeth and grabs her wrist. Her eyes downcast. Guilt and trepidation rapture her voice.   "Stop! Don't . . . Please!" Her voice breaking, "I can barely even freaking look at you! I'm sorry just . . . sit down and I'll . . . Ill tell you everything, about that night; about . . . her." Visel lets Dedestras wrist go and winds her arms around herself again, nearly digging into her flesh with her nail. Dedestra fights the urge to coddle Visel. Her hand stammering to caress her shoulder. "As you wish, Symown." Dedestra tentatively takes her seat in the same elegant manner as before and resumes her student-ly position. Visel still shivering and sneering at the ground. Dedestra's hands start to fidget. "Symown, If it's too much to bare, you need not force yourself. Convey the information whenever you're good and rea-" "NO! If I don't do it now I'll never do it! This has been a long time coming! And It's time you knew . . ."   "So let me tell you 'bout a bitch named Delphine!"

"I'm hungry as hell lets get something to eat!" Dedestra raises an eyebrow. GASP! Her eyes fixate on the green little charging station! Memories of a stormy day, anger, and disappointment crop up in her mind. She almost didn't recognize it with a replaced window and unencumbered by pooling rain and stabbing wind!    DINK-DINK!   Visell stands in front of the counter. Her arms crossed. A half-mouthed sneer on her face, her red eyes gleaming. PULSE! dink-dink! The little bell on the counter rings with no hand pressing it. The gruff voice of the Clerk calls out. "Coming!" Visel whispers under her breath. "Fucking better!" The Clerk peels past the opening. "Welcome to Phast! How can I help-" The clerk's eyes widen and strain! He stumbles back into the cigarette and tobacco display. His breathing spikes. "Been a long time, ay gramps?" "Holy shit! I've been waiting for you! I've been waiting a long time for this!" He peels back from the counter. He stumbles through the small doorway in the counter marble. Visel's heart spikes. "Shit!" her feet slide into a shallow stance, she grips the sheathe of her blade loosely, her pinky stiff and extended. The other hand drifts up, her fingers limp and relaxed. Her body tenses and her brow furrows, her scowl deepens as she readies to grab her sword handle for a flawless Nukiuchi slice! She scoffs "Damn, gramps! I just came to talk mad shit but if you wanna go right now I'm game, greedy old fuck!" The old man's first clench as he steps swiftly! Visel sneers   Visel's scowl twitches and flares, Dedestra eyes are buried in another dusty Spanish text. Visel furiously bits a mochi Ice cream. She growls and sneers at the preppy-dressed consumers glaring at her and her companion. As she sits spread out in the seat, one foot draped over the edge of the table. Tracks from the grim and mud from her shoes surround the table "Symown," Dedestra says almost naggingly. "Yeah?" "You're angry." Visell glances over "They're staring!" "Don't stare back, then." Visel looks out at the whispering, gossiping, maddening crowd. Dudes and rudes alike muttering murmuring and menacing. "It's creepy and annoying! Like they've never seen a Gizo-Wa and a Quatroped cyborg and shit!" "It is the affluent country. They may not be used to it." Visell stammers! "We live. On an extraterrestrial planet. With aliens and mutants! So, that's bullshit!" Dedestra peeks over her book. Then perhaps because we seem like rabble. Best not to antagonize them." Visell glances at Dedestra. " I know it bothers you too! You gotta be creeped out! Come on Morning! Stop tryna-!" BANG! Dedestra small her book on the table. The congregation gawks at the commoners. Dedestra loudly whispers in a measured calm voice. Staring down at her book. " Of course! All these strange men gawking at me! It's terrifying and aggravating. Even with you right beside me . . . I'm afraid and I don't like that one bit! Visel promptly grabs Dedestra's hands! "Hey, hey calm down!" Dedestra exhales. "I'm fine, please eat! It's merely-" "Merely nothing! You're not okay here and I'm not either! I'm ready to beat the saditty suckers with an umbrella! Come on! Let's bounce." She jets upholding Dedestra's hand. Dedestra scoffs. Symown no! You spent good money, rent money, here and quite an unusual amount on both our food, we should be able to sit and eat in peace!" "Yeah, we can do that in the car!


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