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The Cult of Blackwell

The Blood Cults are a collection of cult groups that are usually small and fanatical but can become large enough to fill a city. All blood cults are defined by their faith in the Biomancer who leads their group and their belief in the philosophies of those biomancers. Biomancers believe oil harvested by the ancients in the blackwells is more than just a fuel source for machines. The biomancers call oil "The Mother's Blood" and believe it is a path to greater power, for it is always power that drives the mind of a biomancer.  This is the motivation behind all of the unholy experiments the biomancers conduct, merging living creatures with machines and creating cybernetic perversions of their natural form. The acolytes of the cult of Blackwell regularly subject themselves to radical surgeries performed by their biomancer leaders under the promise of powerful mechanical augmentations. Most of these surgical experiments fail, if the patient is lucky, they will die during the process. Those with more unfortunate consequences often live on as mindless thralls, usually as a kind of pet if the biomancer takes a like to their "augmentation" but some continue to serve as feral soldiers wandering the outer edges of camps and lairs as a defense. On very rare occasions the biomancers succeed in fusing flesh and metal into a functional enhancement. These special individuals are often taken on as a kind of apprentice by the biomancers and trained in their twisted art. It is even said that the most powerful biomancers perform experiments on themselves with terrifying results.


The Cult of Blackwell is made up of scattered fanatical camps as well as larger more centralized settlements. The largest of these is located in the Great Refinery North of The Black Wells. Each camp and settlement is self-governed by one or more biomancers and their inner circle of blood priests. The larger settlements have a more diverse populace, with soldiers and Flesh Doctors standing above the acolytes in rank. Most established cults also keep captive slaves for labor and experimentation.
Alternative Names
The Blood Cult, Pale Ones

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