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When Earth's fuel resources were all but depleted, mega-corporations frantically began searching for alternatives. After drilling and mining further and further into the Earth, they struck what came to be known as Aether. A powerful yet unstable resource, Aether was put into mass production far too quickly and with a lack of research. Fuel processing plants and reactors around the globe began to simultaneously experience meltdowns, WMD-sized explosions, and an outflow of radioactive material.   This cataclysmic-level event would shift the tectonic plates and polarity of Earth, ultimately causing almost all civilization to go extinct. With the planet uninhabitable and with no resources remaining, a small portion of Earth's population fled to The Moon for refuge. A few hundred years after establishing a colony on The Moon, the inhabitants would eventually return to Earth once their resources had been depleted. Upon first contact with the completely reconfigured and desolate land, individuals began to rebuild society in what is now known as FRONTIER.