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Sack of Berne

on a cold November day in 768, bishop Albrecht stands, giving mass. then he hears screaming from the village outside, so he raises his hand, and says "did you hear that"? He steps down, and walks over to the door. he cuffs his ear and listens, that is definitely screaming, he thinks. then he opens the door and low and behold from the hill top he sees, as he describes them "human demons, killing, slaughtering, sacking, burning! our once small abbey is now a roman candle!" he watches helplessly, as more people gather around the door, then one of them notices them, he rallies 50 men to attack the church and abbey, the bishop and citizens bar the door! but it is no use they smash through the door and begin "killing, and defiling this house of god" the bishop said! they then begin taking the books and one of them sacrifices a monk on the alter, for there god Semmnone! the bishop meanwhile ran to the bell tower, club in hand ready to fight for his life! thankfully they never journeyed up the tower, but when he emerged he found a broken village. the population went from 150-100, and that night a long snow hit, adding insult to injury!

The Conflict


loss of housing and life.


famine and mourning
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
12:31 768
Ending Date
1:25 768

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