The Navigators

The navigators are those who can use the Sending Stones to travel through time. There are two types of them: Analyticals and Hunchers.


Analyticals use advanced mathematics and specialized software to predict patterns of travel in the Time Stream in order not to get lost there, but it's impossible to calculate where they would land, so there are some hits and misses when it comes to accuracy during arrival. They can miss whole years, arriving to their destination too early or too late. Analyticals are akin to an autopilot without landing functions.   Hunchers reach a certain emotional state that allows them to navigate the Time Stream. They usually arrive in time, they are renowned for their ability to miss the desired destination by only hours in some cases, and no hunchers ever missed more than half a year. But it's easier for them to become too distracted and get lost in the Time Stream, never to emerge again.


In essence, anyone can use a Sending Stone provided they know what their doing and are in the right state of mind. But without proper preparation or heightened intuition they would certainly get lost.   Many try Travelling and if they get too close to oblivion, they stop doing it. But many keep roaming through time. Usually, though, it's more mathematically minded who become Analyticals - scientists, programmers and such. And artists are usually the ones to become Hunchers, many of them are musicians, writers or painters.


Navigators, regardless of where did they come from, are also good historians. They feel compelled to know about the time period they're about to visit as much as possible, often spending a lot of time on research before Travelling.


Navigators can take other people through time with them, and they feel responsible for them. Losing someone to Time Stream is possible, and if it happens, it might mess with the Navigator's mind more than even Chronosis.


In the Time Travelling community of Fringers there are a lot of respect for Navigators, since they provide their livelyhoods. No traveler would ever refuse buying a Navigator a drink. After all, they are also the ones with the most fascinating stories.
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22 Dec, 2020 17:28

Если существуют формулы и даже специальные программы для путешествий во времени, то означает ли это, что проводились серьёзные исследования на эту тему и перемещение во времени происходит по определённым правилам?

Grandmaster Teyvill
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22 Dec, 2020 20:43

И да, и нет. Приоткрою занавес слегка: я тут опираюсь на опыт людей. что рассказывали мне о построении и обучении нейросетей. Основная мысль на самом серьёзном уровне этого вопроса звучит так: "Да, мы более-менее понимаем, по какому принципу это должно работать, но оно работает не совсем по нему, и в итоге мы не совсем понимает, почему оно вообще работает. Но работает". Исследования временного потока велись, думаю даже будут статьи на эту тему, но это очень слепая наука, более слепая чем квантовая механика.

29 Dec, 2020 01:45

I like this concept of your time travellers! I especially enjoy that there are two different approaches, and they both work. Do they change history when they travel through time?

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That is mentioned in two other articles, the Dreaded Time and the Rules of Causality. I'm yet to interlink those with each other, but they're posted and public)