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Guide to WE articles and WorldEmber 2020 Pledge

The crossroads, where History, Magic and Time-Travel meet...

December 20 update: Well, I am really not sure if I'm hitting 75 articles by the end of December since, well, many articles ended up to be longer than 2k words. Good news, though, I've compiled a comprehensive reading list of my recent articles, it might help understanding the setting a little better. I've shared it with my Russian subscribers, and now I am sharing it with you ;)


  First 6 articles starting with "Rules of Causality" until "Zamandar" explain Time Travel, it's rules and those who, well, travel in time.   The next 5 articles starting with "Borrowed Resurrection" until "Germanic Wyrms" - are all historical, they show some commonly known events with Fringe Earth spin on them.   5 more articles starting with "Magical Decay" and until "The Enlightenment" - are the "entropy cycle", they tell us the tale of all magical and wondrous things slowly disappearing from the face of the Earth.   4 more articles that start at "The Brooch of River Neman" and end with "The Deserter" are connected to the D&D game show I'm planning to launch in January.   And the last 4 articles are quite random, but they explain some small things in Fringe Earth, help me set the tone a little bit.  



What is Fringe Earth?

  Imagine soldiers in full modern gear, with M16 assault rifles and fragmentation grenades fighting a three-headed dragon. What about a Hospitaller crusader with magical healing powers? Or an Ancient Egyptian sentient lizard roaming streets of 2020 Zurich. These aren't fantasy anachronisms, but a normal situation in Fringe Earth, an up and coming Campaign Setting developed for recorded and streamed D&D games. Fringe Earth is a symbiosis of History, Magic and Time-Travel. I plan to establish this setting here, on WorldAnvil, and I aim to make it easy to run for all those who are interested.

WorldEmber 2020

  The contest appears to be a great launchpad for establishing basic information about Fringe Earth. The main articles about the game will be written during WE, and those will provide a framework for "VICISSITUDES OF TIME", the first recorded campaign of the setting, which is currently in post-production.  

About the author

My name is Andrew, though many people prefer to call me by my nickname - Teyvill. I'm an ex-journalist, I was specialized in International Affairs. After about 10 years of work in the field, I've decided to quit and go into Game Development. Now I'm working as a narrative designer in a game studio, and I've got plenty of time for my own projects such as this one. My players and I, we dream of making the story of this Setting a fun one to watch and engaging enough to play through some of our modules ;) So, let the boulder roll as we're approaching WorldEmber!

WorldEmber 2020 Pledge

I, Teyvill, do solemnly pledge to complete WorldEmber 2020 challenge by using the following list of ideas to create a number of articles for Fringe Earth Campaign Setting.

I'll do so without sacrificing time that should be dedicated to my family, myself or my job, and I'll approach the challenge with utmost responsibility

Language barrier
  Since the world is planned to be presented in two languages simultaneously, I've thought long and hard about how I'm planning to do it with WorldEmber 2020. Writing articles in both languages doesn't appear to be in the spirit of the competition and thus, for now, all the articles are going to be written just in English. I'll translate them right after WE2020. I'll have time, thanks to 10 days of holidays in Russia ;)   upd - I ended up translating it all cause Cyrillic doesn't count by the word counter))

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Articles under Guide to WE articles and WorldEmber 2020 Pledge


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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
20 Nov, 2020 16:35

This sounds great. The future of my own world is headed in a similar direction. I can't wait to see what you do here!

Andrew Belenkiy aka Teyvill Dost
20 Nov, 2020 21:57

Thanks for your comment! I liked your pledge as well, though I am yet to learn about your world. I will probably use your future WE articles as an entry point, though :)   Btw, you'll be able to see more of this setting not only here on World Anvil, but also on YouTube since my players and I, we've recorded our first d&d game in it back in August, and are in the process of editing it all together:) The audio will be in Russian, but if you don't mind captions, I'm translating it all myself :)

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
21 Nov, 2020 13:52

Excellent! I will definitely check out the video when you post it.

22 Nov, 2020 12:20

I really like your idea for the world. It reminds me a little bit of my own world of Magic Earth

Check out the worlds of Terra Nova and Magic Earth
If you are looking for my Summer Camp articles check Terra Nova or My Summer Camp Progress Page
Andrew Belenkiy aka Teyvill Dost
22 Nov, 2020 18:29

Magia+Historia - to nie jest za spomplikowana koncepcja ;)   Well, on my end, it was first conceived in 2011, I wanted to integrate D&D4e into history and even ran a game in this world. But over the years the concept in my head changed drastically, which now results in Fringe Earth ;)