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The Death's Door Tavern and Inn

On Mausten Street, which cuts a semi-straight line east-west through the center of Mumbee, short and brightly painted shops and produce stands line the wide road hung with floral garlands. Aromas of coffee and lavender entice you to the corner of Mausten Street and Dresbury Lane where the three-story inn and tavern Death's Door awaits. The floral wreath on the door is woven with red ribbons and nested with tiny rodent skulls. The worn wooden sign perpetually swinging over the door shows a skeletal hand with a crooked finger beckoning you to enter. The creak of the metal chains holding the sign sends a chill down your spine but the glow inside the tavern invites you in.

You are greeted by Anthorna Merricurria the innkeeper and bartender whose second great grandfather is the god of the dead. She is elegantly dressed and floral tattoos wrap her bare arms. She asks patrons to call her Anne or Thorn. Shouting "you there" is a quick way to wear a pint of ale.

In the brooding corner north of the stage sits Lady Obsidian sipping a dark red liquid from an elegant chalice. Nobody knows her true name and she treats everyone as nobility. Her demeanor rarely hints at anything beyond a bemused interest. When asked she will freely tell her back story to the curious, though no two patrons ever hear the same story. She always keeps her story consistent when pressed for details. If you treat Lady Obsidian fairly and with respect, your next encounter will be blessed with good luck. But if you are rude or petty, your chances of failure at your next endeavor are almost assured.

As you explore, a grey hairless cat with a wrinkled forehead and soot-black nose notices you from the comfort of the bear rug in front of the fireplace. She nods her approval and returns to her catnap. In a comfy chair nearby a grizzled old gnome sits whittling a wooden rabbit. If you sit and chat with him for an evening, you will find one of these figures in a pocket, though you don't recall receiving it.

In-house organist Ionie Antar often accompanies entertainers on the lamp-lit stage. Her Ekrus heritage is a rare sight, with her pale green eyes with no whites and dark brown skin with a green tint and faintly shimmery, as if lichen infested and wet. She wears white dresses laced with green ribbons and jewelry made from aventurine and jade.

by Terye Stephens

Chief cook Ladonya Fayard creates seasonal menus using the best ingredients on the market. This autumn menu includes her world-famous cacao bean and vanilla tart topped with a small dab of sweetened egg cream.

Card games and competitions can be found on every floor. Once per visit PCs can challenge Anthorna at arm-wrestling or Ionie at performance to win a tankard of Best Black, a locally produced vodka cocktail made with cacao.
River Stone Cards by Terye Stephens (photography)
River and Stone Playing Cards

Guestrooms have haunting artwork and are hung with fragrant seasonal garlands. Fluffy quilts cover the beds, which never feel cold despite the slight chill in the air.

Traditional Garlands by Month:
Sanctuary – Pine and Snowdrops
Chrysalis – Spruce and Crocus
Dewdrop – Cedar and Primrose
Satyr – Epipremnum Aureum and Pussy Willow
  • Spring Equinox: Satyr the 7th, sacred to Sela, Sola, and Cirrhi-na. A day of frolicking, fresh flowers, and fried bread. In this region, the beginning of courting.
  • During the Spring Equinox and sometimes for several months, red chrysanthemums or carnations adorn the doors of families in the process of matchmaking.
Arbor – Senecio Peregrinus and Tulips
Sword – Heartleaf Philodendron and Sweet Pea
Jewel – Hedera Helix and Wild Rose
  • Midsummer: Jewel the 14th, sacred to Royka, Sela, and Ethan.
  • Local wedding ceremonies are performed during Jewel.
Gruit – Raphidophora Tetrasperma and Wheat
Sheaf – Wheat and Elderberry
Marmalade – Philodendron Micans and Viola
  • Autumn Equinox: Marmalade the 21st
  • The Autumn Equinox is marked by a week-long festival of harvest and death when flower-painted gourds or animal skulls accompany or replace the wreaths.
Onyx – Fir and Witch Hazel
  • Scavenger Hunt: Onyx the 7th, sacred to Ethan the Wayfarer.

Snowfall – Fir and Winterberry
Aurora – Pine and Holly
  • Midwinter: Aurora the 28th, sacred to Bellan and Ethan. A day for gifts and ending journeys.


Originally The Floral Portas Manor, rooms were opened up to rent after the children were orphaned in a cannery fire which took their parents and destroyed their family's income. Over the next ten years, the manor was renovated into a full tavern and inn. The eldest Anthorna stayed and ran the inn as her siblings found adventures elsewhere. Midgeet stopped by the inn on her way north and introduced Anthorna to her cousin Deirdre Merricurria, an intelligent Hairless Cat who made herself at home.


The three-story wood beam construction of the old manor turned tavern looms over the neighboring single-story shops and stalls. As most buildings in Mumbee are domes half-covered in sod, only the Town Hall and the Militia Barracks rival the tavern's size. Ravens often stake out the rooftop and watch for dropped food and shinies to snatch from the busy market street that grew up around the manor during its renovation.


The last attempt to rob the inn concluded with the gang of Human and Half-Orc adventurers crumpled on the doorstep singed, coated in feathers, and smelling of tar and urinals. The gang leader Byron the Blaggart now cringes at the sight of a passing cat.


The tavern is a lively stop between the Chalibeth Capital and lands to the east and north. The stage attracts exceptional performers often accompanied by the in-house organist Ionie Antar, the game room hosts competitions and card games, and the balcony gives newlyweds and foreigners a gorgeous view of the river and patchworked fields. Visitors craving a haunted house experience are never disappointed, as the creaking old manor hosts shuffling noises, whistling wind, and eirie ethereal voices.


The musical mood.

Quest Board

Missing Person
20-year-old half-elf Anemeral Novack answers to Vee.
Shaved right side of head, right earring, and nose ring.
Travels with dog named Moe.
20 GP Reward – Alive to Novack Residence

Need Escort
Must leave soon.
Leave a message including your fee with Anne.

Recruiter in Town!
This week only.
See the World.
Keep the hoards at bay.
Large bonus when training is complete!

Wild boar attacks due to population boom.
No limit on hunting adult males.
Trade meat for bounty at Town Hall to support The Autumn Equinox feast.
Adult male tusked boar at least 45 KG 3 GP.
Juvenile male boar at least 18 KG 1 GP.

Help Wanted
Riverbank Maintenance
5 sp per day and 10 GP when the project is complete.

Fortune Teller!
Lady Obsidian at the Death’s Door Tavern
She’s expecting you.

Thief Stealing Produce
Yes, you!
Turn yourself in
Before I catch you!
Founding Date
Built in 1602 and Renovated in 1693-1703.
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Related Plots

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30 Mar, 2022 04:36

I love how detailed this is! There's so much here! So many pictures and whatnot! Excellent work.

Master Skaldiduna
Terye Stephens
30 Mar, 2022 04:41

Thank you. It has been so much fun to work on.

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Such fun to see this come together!

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Some nice details here that I haven't seen in many articles - Laundry on the map, defense story, and the cat. Dessert first!

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31 Mar, 2022 07:26

Interesting and deep tavern, even if I really had to run the translation over some of it to get more details (which is not a bad sign).   There is definitely something mystically morbid about it, but with the family relationships, including the "cat", that's no wonder. A good idea in this case is also the board, which is also well filled in this tavern.   I would have liked it if there had been a few more backgrounds, but then again, it probably wouldn't have remained mystical, or only with difficulty. So it's okay.   By the way, I actually like the saying on the poster best. Life is short. Eat dessert first. That made my day.

Master Skaldiduna
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2 Apr, 2022 02:12

Wow. Thank you. I'm so glad you got the feel of the place. Cheers.

31 Mar, 2022 21:42

I'm not sure whether to fear or love the place. I'm settling for both. Love the quest board!

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