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Freydel is a land created for a DnD campaign but has since evolved into something so much more. Ever since the creation of this world, I have used it as a setting for nearly all my campaigns as the world holds the ability to host multiple campaigns, settings, and stories. I've gone as far as to run multiple campaigns at the same time and the actions taken by one party have a chance of affecting the encounters and story of another party. It is an ever-changing and evolving world where the choices you make matter and can affect the way the world functions as a whole for not just you, but anyone playing in the world.   Brief Overview:   Freydel is a land currently fueled by war and chaos. There are several capital cities that have banded together into factions that all seek to accomplish their own goal. The cities, stories, and events are inspired heavily off cultures and historical events found throughout our own world, with unique twists added. A large number of countries that believe they are following a lawful and just cause for land and divine right, known as "The Pivot", have come together in order to take back what they believe belong to them. Their cities range from barbaric orc jungle tribes that nestle themselves at the foot of volcanoes and worship fire patrons, to a fortress city that honors and respects the dead and believe in a singular being of power, to a city occupied mainly by mountain-dwelling dwarves that have since been over-run by elves which have managed to merge their magic with the technology of the past. While the scale of this war has gone global and had numerous campaigns and players - not one group has yet solved the conflicts or ended the war. While many groups choose to play around the war, there are also hidden layers of power and secret hiding throughout the land. One group is following the dying wish of their friend, Jay, and spreading his ashes at different locations of importance around the world - learning more about their friend even after death. However, by doing this, they appear to have agitated a mob-boss that seems to be up to no good and is hunting them down now for reasons unknown. Another group fights under a religious order of mountain-men that seek to stop the end-of-days. By acting as heralds, they investigate paranormal and supernatural events in order to stop planar beings from entering where they should not be.   Freydel is a living breathing world that can be tailored to just about any setting and any player group - it allows for multiple campaigns and by having a set amount of characters and NPCs we are able to affect one another's games in interesting ways.

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