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They are the bipedal winged dragon with tails of arrow-shaped tip, commonly found in the continent of Draugr. Wyverns were once the sole residents of the continent before the emergence of Skurja on Draugr. The Skurjas then began a taming and breeding program of the Wyverns for war purposes in Era 2 and Era 3.   After the war, the wyverns are trained for transport and construction animals. The new generation of wyverns are discovered to have bonded with their handler and become extremely protective of them until their handler dies. A wyvern without a handler will then starve themselves beside their handler's corpse until they expire.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Wyverns strive in extreme temperature like the Draugr's heat wave. They require lava baths to maintain their body heat and build nests out of cooled lava and stones. Mild climate like Easlane causes them to be uncomfortable or inactive and in cold climate like Soucriant will send them into hibernation.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Domesticated wyverns are fed with high quality meat imported from Strigea and Adescheid (though their sources are questionable). Wild wyverns main diet consists of fish, birds and a special type of deer species called the Surtr Antakka, that is native to Draugr only. However, wild wyverns can be seen to cannibalize each other if they cannot hunt other preys on Draugr.
50-70 years (Wild Wyverns), 80 years and above (Domesticated Wyverns, assuming someone would take care of them after their handler pass away)
Conservation Status
Wyverns are carefully curated to fit the personality of their handlers and their potential mates to prevent accidents and fights. The Skurjas only tame the smaller species of Wyvern as they are more approachable compared to their larger cousins. The Wyverns are only bred out of necessity to avoid overpopulation on Draugr. Suffice to say, they are controlled species under the rule of the Anluan Family.
Average Height
Domesticated Wyverns: 1.4-1.8M   Wild Wyverns: 18-20 feet
Average Weight
Domesticated: 380-1000kg   Wild: 2000lb
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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8 Jul, 2021 22:18

'A wyvern without a handler will then starve themselves beside their handler's corpse until they expire.' Aww, sweet babies. They kind of remind me of big puppies.