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The Author Named L

They are the owner of The Journal of L whom is far from their homeland; Kholodno. They are referred as L due to their signature in their journal. No one knows who L is, other than the names written in the journal: Rosalyn, Yuri and Alyona who are presumably to be their family.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

L came from Kholodno where they lived with their wife, Rosalyn, and children, Yuri and Alyona.   It is unknown when they left home for a long journey, as the journal doesn't seem to have dates recorded.   Some time after, they are trapped somewhere in Frantumare and had an Ashseeker attached to them, leading to their mental torture by the creature.   For some unknown time, L slowly loses their sanity to the creature they described as "amalgamation of nightmares", no eyes and pinhole mouths but able to speak or "whisper". They begged for the gods to end their life but it is assumed that their wish is not granted and left to suffer for an unknown amount of time.   At one point, they regained their sanity long enough to record their last entry but before they could fully warn anyone that finds their journal, it abruptly ends with what assumed to be blood smudged the page.

Mental Trauma

In the journal entries, L seems to lose their sanity from an Ashseeker's ability or attack. They refer to this as "voice" or "whisper".   The voice taunted L, quoting that they don't need anyone but itself and they don't have to worry about anything. This insanity is implied to led L to hallucinate and lost control of their own emotions from the taunts.

Personality Characteristics


Something caused L to leave home based on their journal entry when they apologize to the three individuals for leaving. It is assumed that L left to travel or explore other parts of the world until an accident happened upon them.


Family Ties

Rosalyn, Yuri and Alyona are three significant figures mentioned in their journal prior apologizing. It is assumed that Rosalyn is their wife while Yuri and Alyona are their children.
Current Status
Unknown, assumed Dead

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