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Seijin no Hi (Sey. Jin. No. Hee.)

Seijin no Hi, or the Coming of Age Day, is a celebration in Yogan held annually on the second Maron of Xefith. It is held in order to congratulate the youths for reaching the age of maturity (age 15) and are then paired up with a Wyvern of their own. This is to ensure that the handler is ready for the responsibility and the Wyvern is trained enough to devour their handler.


Coming of Age ceremonies have been celebrated since the reign of Kasai Anluan in Era 2 (68-102) when his Prince was betrothed at the age of fifteen and have his own Wyvern companion. It wasn't on purpose that the Coming of Age day is held on the second Maron of the month, but it stayed since then.   Daruga's low birth and percentage of young people as well as the youths moving out of Daruga concerns the elders of the empire due to the lack of participation of the ceremony.
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Cover art by Nikita/Flickr

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