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The following article contains spoilers from Winter of Ashes pentalogy
  Odichavshiye (Ejurin: Одичавшие, "Feral") is a Krivak-class Frigate. Its manufacturing is kept secret from the world as the Federation's last defense against the Humans. The ship plays a key role in the second Dark Calamity when combatting the Void Callers during the war.  
Basic schematic of Odichavshiye, a Krivak Class Frigate ship based in Kholodno.


Soucriant does not offer much room of advancement in terms of technology or lifestyle due to its extreme climate... or at least, that was what the Kholodnese wants the world to think. With the assistance of the Neverlasting Winter, they were able to establish civilization and discovered the strongest metal of Frantumare: Latatium. Kholodno became the technologically advanced kingdom, and soon enough, they established a port within the mountains.   Moroz Verf was founded by Nikolai Moroz, and offered himself and his crew to work on warships. The ships were made of wood with its outer armor layered with Latatium and served as guard ships to patrol the coasts of Kholodno, or siege Humans' cargo ships or ports for supplies.   Nikolai was approached by Fedyenka Ivanov, and commissioned by the Fera to build a Frigate made purely of Latatium with engines instead of sails. The project, named Project Feral, began in Era 5 Year 64. The task was daunting, and it took many lives of Moroz Verf crew due to its size and complexity. The construction was almost halted in Year 82 as Nikolai was killed during a testing of the Frigate's engine and it exploded. The project was picked back up once more in Year 92 by Lyonechka Alexeyev with new crewmembers.   Project Feral was placed under the Vosstat Union's supervision to ensure its continuous construction. In Year 143, Fedyenka Ivanov passed away and his place was taken by his successor, Aleksandr Volkov, who then assumed ownership of the ship. Aleksandr named it Odichavshiye, as a way to get back at the Humans for referring them as feral animals.

The First Metal Ship

With the discovery of Latatium in Soucriant, the Kholodno are wary of prying eyes and traitors in their ranks in case the secret of the metal is leaked to enemies, mainly to the Humans. Forging Latatium into ingots and plates was not a simple task as it took every possible resource, Flamars and Zemiya to break down its molecule to make the ore malleable. The effort paid off when it is discovered that it can withstand high impacts, corrosion, melting and damage when tested.   Latatium is donated to Vosstat Union to construct armors for sail ships, initially. They only considered building Odichavshiye once they were sure that the Latatium supply is enough to construct a full metal battle ship. As much as their motto to fight for the Feras, they did not share the metal with other Feras, fearing a betrayal similar to the Elethian

Design and Development


Designed by the team of Moroz Verf, Odichavshiye is the secret project of Kholodno Federation which was initially constructed for a war with the Humans. The vessel is named for an Ejurin word translated into feral, as a mean to retaliate and bring Humans worse nightmare of the Feras. Odichavshiye was commissioned by Fedyenka Ivanov, and currently under the ownership of Aleksandr Volkov.  

Early concepts of Odichavshiye by Conway Maritime Press


The standard vessel was 123 m (404 ft) in length with a maximum beam of 14.2 m (46 ft 7 in) and an average draught of 4.51 m, displaying 2810 tonnes (2,770 tonnes; 3,100 short tonnes) and 3,200 tonnes (3,100 long tones; 3,500 short tonnes) of full load (14 ft 10 in).   Power is provided by four Arias controlling the gas circulation in the engines and six Flamars for combustion and propulsion. Depending on their power, Odichavshiye can reach up to 18,000 shaft horsepower (13,000 kW) and the speed of 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph). The ship's complement is 197, including 23 officers.  

Final Design of Odichavshiye by Conway Maritime Press

Armor and defense

Odichavshiye is the first ship to be constructed from metal, which is the main reason for its secrecy. Made from Latatium and coated with Ashseeker's blood to repel the creatures, the ship is believed able to withstand the worse of impacts and damages. The bow can cut through lands and mountains, the keel and hull can withstand lavas.
Aleksandr Volkov by Paul Gilbert
Owning Organization
Exclusively commissioned by the Commander
14.2 m
123 m
2,810 tonnes (2,770 long tons; 3,100 short tons) standard; 3,200 tonnes (3,100 long tons; 3,500 short tons) (full load)
32 knots
Complement / Crew
23 officers, 174 ratings

Project Feral Commission Agreement

  This Commission Agreement is entered into on Era 5 Year 64 , by and between Nikolai Moroz, with an address of Moroz Verf and Fedyenka Ivanov with an address of Vosstat Union.   Whereas, the Agent agrees not to pursue the selling of a competing product for any competitor during the term of this Agreement.   The Parties hereby agree that the Principal authorizes the Agent to sell Project Feral on behalf of the Principal and the Agent agrees to indemnify himself/herself as the authorized agent of the Principal for such sale.   The Parties agree that the prices of the product will be set by the Principal, that the Principal will obtain and provide the promotional materials (if any) for the Agent to use and to obtain sales, and the Principal will provide a Sales Agreement to the Agent for the Agent to use in the sale of the product.   This Agreement shall be effective on the date of signing this Agreement and will end on Era 5 Year 160.   The term of this Agreement may be extended upon the provision of written consent from both Parties.   The Parties agree that the Agent will sell the product in the following geographical area/ territory Kholodno and will not sell the product anywhere else.   The Parties hereby agree that the Agent will be paid by the Principal by Riel.


During the times of the Soviet Union, Krivak-class were a series of frigates and guard ships built primarily for the Soviet Navy since 1970. They have sub branches like the Nerey which were designed for coastal patrol. In 1977, they were soon considered as anti-submarine warfare vessels.
Since Frantumare does not have submarines due to the world set sometime in the medieval, or at least part of the world stuck within the olden times, Odichavshiye is best known as anti-ashseeker vessel due to its role to combat the creatures during the second Dark Calamity.

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Cover image: Storozhevoy by Soviet Union, Edited by Cryssalia on Canva


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