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A beverage fit for the Assassins. Bloodspire is, true to its name, a beverage purely made from blood extracted from their Prey mixed with alcohol for an extra kick. While it is not as intoxicating as many alcoholic beverages, Bloodspire may cause animalistic behaviors in the assassins from its smell alone. Bloodspire derives its name from alluding to the Predatory Hierarchy which consumes Pure Blood and descends to the lowest Consistency of the beverage.


    Depending on the amount of alcohol mixed, Bloodspire's consistency and quality varies. This also effects the overall taste, as the loss of blood in the mixture makes it nothing more but a red liquid. Each consistency has their own terms:  


  A disgusting water according to most Assassins. Pale red in color as if the water was slightly mixed with red coloring. This consistency is heavily despised by the assassins and they either sell it to local bars or forces others to consume before torture.  


  Strong alcoholic flavor with a tinge of blood mixed, though it is not thick. This consistency is used to display indirect mockery to any members of the Assassin's guild or outsiders. Sometimes it is mixed with poison to quickly dispatch their Strays.


  A balanced Bloodspire perfectly brewed for those who could not handle alcohol and blood too much. It is often mistaken as Red Wine, and served during conference or relaxation. There is a chance for those who consumes Killer may display animalistic behavior or develop addiction within hours.  

Pure Blood

True to its name, this is the thickest Bloodspire among the four. While it is not actually brewed, Pure Blood needed to go through a purification period where the blood will be cleansed from any potential diseases due to the fact it is extracted directly from their Prey. Pure Blood may only be consumed by the Apex as directly consuming it will cause animalistic behavior in their members due to extreme addiction to blood.




  Bloodspire that contains alcohol will cause addiction in guild members, much like any alcoholic beverage. These addictions are commonly caused by consuming Offender and Killer as both consistency are mixed with alcohol for an extra kick. Although Sodomize contains the largest amount of alcohol, it only causes internal damages and immediate death.

Blood Lust

  Although it happens in the inner circle of the Assassin's Guild, it is no secret that Blood Lust occurs when consuming Pure Blood. This is due to the Apex consist of the Feras at the top of Predatory Hierarchy, meaning that they display abilities to tap into their animalistic side to not only act as their predatory lineage, but also to lose their sanity and commit cannibalism. Pure blood may only be consumed at small doses to prevent any tragedy within the guild.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Only available to those in the Assassin's Guild except for Sodomize. Bloodspire is a carefully crafted beverage by extracting pure blood from Prey or animals. Sometimes mixed with alcohol depending on personal preference but those in the Apex ranks drink Pure Blood as a substitute to satiate their blood lust.
Raw materials & Components
Blood and Alcohol are the only materials used to craft Bloodspire, with the exception of Pure Blood simply the blood extracted from Prey. The Prey refers to the targets that the clients had issued to be eliminated, or simply the client themselves if the Assassins deemed their reward not worthy or enough.

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14 Oct, 2020 22:57

"intoxicating as any alcoholic beverages" I think you forgot an M! Pretty dark stuff, over-all! Love to read about assassin blood drinks while looking at a heavenly background.

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Cryssalia Noire
15 Oct, 2020 06:37

Hahah thanks! Not all things are as heavenly as the background! xD   Which one I should add in the M? I read the sentence you pointed out but not sure if there should be an M there.

16 Oct, 2020 23:00

"While it is not as intoxicating as any alcoholic beverages" comes across as strange being that by mixing in alcohol, this drink itself is an alcoholic beverage. So I thought you maybe meant to say "not as intoxicating as MANY alcoholic beverages"

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