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Ashen Born

This article is about the Faidh. For more information on the deity, see The Ashen Born.
    An Ashen Born is a Faidh of Inanis. They are capable of harnessing the Void or any Elemi, depending purely on their imagination. They are born with combat prowess, intelligence and sometimes apathy.

Birth of an Ashen Born

It is difficult to determine the actual birth rate of an Ashen Born, but research conducted by the scholars in Strigea came up with the percentage of 0.000001% in a million due to the low number of the Faidh. Whether the numbers remain or not is dependable, but it puts the leaders in Frantumare at ease as they could attempt to pin point an Ashen Born immediately should one is born.  

What makes an Ashen Born?

Not much has been discovered for the past centuries. Parents refused to consent experimentation on their children despite government decree, as the procedure brought deaths upon deaths on infants. It is unknown how can a parent bore an Ashen Born, though several theories sprouted to seek the cause and eliminate it before a potential Harbinger of Death emerges.   Physically, an Ashen Born would appear with ashen white hair and deathly white skin. Their eyes would be red but their irises would vary from any shapes with sharp edges, such as triangles, diamonds or rectangular. Some would possess irises similar to a reptilian, but with an extra iris over it. This trait appeared only on one eye, however, usually on the left.   An Ashen Born's mental state is difficult to determine. Some may appear to have emotions like happiness and anger. Although there are cases of apathetic children, one cannot determine immediately if they are an Ashen Born or a victim of abuse.

Powers and Abilities

Those monsters you worship as gods are the reason we are forsaken.
  The accounts of an Ashen Born's ability is recorded in the Book of Ashes, which is located in Spectre.   Much of their abilities are recorded based on observation and countless of experiments conducted by other kingdoms and nations. Hence, it is difficult to determine the true extend of their abilities.   The common ability an Ashen Born displays is the manipulation of Darkness. This is recorded by a scientist in Kholodno Federation and the Faidh is enlisted as the Chief of Espionage for the nation as they are able to blend into the shadows.   In The Holy City of Qadena, rumors circulated of the Sultana being an Ashen Born due to her ability to perform "miracles". If a person is sick, the Sultana's touch will instantly heal them. If an item is missing, it will return to its spot with a wave of her hand. Though she would not admit, it is believed that she has been manipulating Time. To what extend of this power is immeasurable, but it puts a toll on the Sultana due to her being sick most of the time.
Form of Address
My Lord, Your Majesty, Your Excellency
Alternative Naming
Harbinger of Death

Significance of the Honorifics

An Ashen Born is believed to be a Faidh capable to ascend godhood due to their ability of wielding all Elemi. In the Book of Ashes, the deity is capable to summon Ashseekers from the ground despite the Feras have yet to exist during The Ashen Born's Era in Maerus.   Due to their capability to raise and command creatures much like the gods, Your Excellency is the highest form of address towards an Ashen Born much like how the gods are addressed. The closest honorifics for an Ashen Born to be addressed are Your Majesty or My Lord, but these are commonly for the ones that only began to discover their powers.
Curse of the Void
Condition | Aug 8, 2021

A curse casted onto those who forced oneself to assimilate with multiple Elemi.

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