Frankincense: Broad Overview

Off of Highway 680, about seventy-five miles from New Orleans, a dirt road abruptly cuts off into the swamp and treeline. You lose phone and wifi signal a few minutes driving in, but who gets signal in South Louisiana swamps anyway?  
  If you follow it about a mile inward the first thing you will church surrounded by a massive graveyard full of old masolueums and tombstones. It looks quaint but eerie, but that's the South, so you pass by...  
  You pass by some houses nearby, and you can finally see the Mayor's house looming on the hill behind the cemetery, but you can't reach there by car so you ignore it, though you question why the mayor would live in a house that looks like it's falling apart...  
  Finally, we're in town!  
  The following businesses are nearby:  
  • Green Grocer: a small single-room grocery store lined with about four shelving units with items on both sides. Somehow, despite being so small, you always find what you need on the shelves. Good luck asking what is in stock, though, as no one knows, least of all the person running the cash register.
  • General Store: just a seemingly ordinary general store with a variety of things you might need. It always has what you need but very rarely what you want.
  • The Ice Cream Parlor and Antique Store: a cute little store. The first floor and third floors are the antique store but the second floor houses the ice cream parlor, where you can get ice cream and sodas with your friends and loved ones.
  • Harry’s Diner: No one remembers who Harry is anymore, but we certainly remember his diner! It’s a 1950’s style-diner that serves the usual fare that you like in a diner. It also always manages to meet your dietary needs and no one has had a reaction from their food yet. However, it is an odd place and no one can remember who works there despite it being such a small town that surely we should know everyone around…
  After that, behind the main strip, are where most of the town lives. Everyone can pretty much walk to anywhere they want in town, even church (though it is a bit of a walk), so you never see cars running around Frankincense. The few cars you do see look old, unused, and are rusting away in people's front yards or driveways...  
  And that, folks, is Frankincense, Louisiana!


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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
6 Jan, 2022 06:57

I like the visual drive through the community integrated into the prose!

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