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In Southern Louisiana lies the heavily potholed and rickety Highway 680, which cuts off from New Orleans and heads west along some of the swampiest areas of the state. Not only is it a relatively ignored thoroughfare, but it also is shrouded in urban legend and rumor. It's said people often disappear along Highway 680, their cars abandoned and ther bodies to never be found again. The heavily corrupt and underfunded officers don't take much notice, writing most of them off due to lack of evidence.   However, The Southern Louisiana Cold Cases Team (SLCCT) is on the case! The SLCCT runs a Youtube channel discussing their work in trying to crack cold cases and decided to make their newest project investigating the disappearances along Highway 680.   What they didn't expect was sx hours into their trip to find a dirt road leading directly across the highway leading to what looks like a small but unmarked town. Curious and never having heard of this place, they drive down it.   The cross the bridge over the swamps surrounding deep around the town before coming to a small stip of shops. They see Green Grocers, a small general store straight out of a vintage photo, and some houses and buidings. They get out, expecting maybe to use the restroom and ask folks about the disappearances that often happen nearby this town.   That is, until they go to talk someone and realize they went missing fifty years ago--and hasn't aged a day from their photo that lies in their cold case files.   And upon trying to leave themselves, realize that they are trapped here as well...       This is the town on Frankincense for the Narrativefm Winter 2022 Plot.