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Frank Smalls, Ill Human Adventurer

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Happy Birthday! You wake to find yourself a disease planted on the body of Frank Smalls, who has just ingested your home planet of Old Chicken Salad. You, your party, and a billion other diseases, suddenly find themselves in a fight to overtake the body and eventually lead Frank Smalls to his demise.   Will you take the brain, forcing Frank into a coma at an inopportune time? Will you take to the skin, making him break out in disgusting boils and leaving him to rot in a disease ridden fantasy hospital?   Its up to your and your party as you battle it out with other disease and the dreaded Healing Potion Sprites and Curative Magical Constructs for the right to Murder Frank Smalls!

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The Best Kind of Day for the Worst Kind of People

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Do your worst.