Stogrow Plaster

Stogrow Plaster is used to coat the outside of buildings built with Dust Stone. to stop the growth of the stone growing. It's applied once every three months, inside and outside of the buildings.   It's common to practice outside activities to allow the plaster to dry and avoid the stench until its gone. It's its incorrectly applied, the stone would need to be manually sanded down causing a time consuming and messy process.   Also known as Ancestral Spit as it's the main ingredient. It's spread onto a thin coating and dried for two days, making it a thick powder and packaged. It's mixed with water to activate. It lasts for about four months, with recommendations to reapply every three, as the fourth month growth starts to show.
"Did you hear? Little Dander Bigeltor messed up the plaster in the living room. Forget the sander, we need the saw. You know his father let it grow for a week before calling us. Those Highform never let us have an easy job."
-Irriated Commonform worker


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