When traveling over the Bridgeways, Humane and Frale are urged to wear protective headgear and stay inside a covered vehicle.   Besides the dangers of the Ancestral Species and other Ancient Dangers of Band, a sickness known as Fogworn can be caught from the fog that surrounds the world outside of cities.   FOGWORN is basically a sickness that was once happening after living on the surface of the wasteland that is the Dust. After they moved above the caves and caverns, some of the people were noticed to be unnervingly calm, to the point of inactivity. They wouldn't respond to their names, physical touch for close to an hour. Afterwards they started to pace about, and becoming aggravated to any signs of movement but especially light. Then they started to fully attack as any ancestor would.   When this first started happening possession of some ancient curse was suspected and the victims were killed on sight for safety of others. After some testing and sheer luck, it was discovered after 4-5 hours after being aggravated that victims would pass out and return to normal, memories fully intact but wills unsure. After the second hour of aggravation, the fogworn tend to try to escape into the dust, and those that survived back tell vivid memories and wills to return to the ancient's caves and nests, with some even seeing other fogworn that were affected the same time being eaten and devoured before they returned to the senses.   When asked what was their motive for finding the nests, the fogworn survivors say nothing else but being "home." It wasn't until the monsters fell back asleep from the light or full stomachs that they were safe, but there was no ill intent from the ancients when there was no need to eat. Before these testimonies, only mindless destruction and reckless mass murder was speculated from the ancient species, captured from the wild or born and raised in the DEPART itself, the outcome was always a murderous monster will no sense of anything but destruction of the Humane and Frale people.


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
4 Aug, 2021 21:00

This is a very interesting idea :D How do people get fogworn? Through the effect of the sun since the protection is to wear some kind of glasses? Or is it something more similar to a fog that gets in contact with the eyes? When you talk about the testimonies regarding the ancient, do the fogworn actually see them when they tried to escape or was that just hallucinations?

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