We all will become one with Band, because we will all eventually turns into the Dust.

After the reckoning of the Origin World the ground of Band was reduced to near uninhabitable land.   In the current day, it's an alien windy landscape complex layer of caves underground, with unforgiving caves and cliffs and bloodthirsty stone. Dust Waves ravage the surface, constantly changing the landscape to new dangers for predators to stalk their prey. By night, it's filled with the dangerous nocturnal Ancestral Species.   Whenever something from the Dust dies, its gradually reduced to a powder, known as dust. Boil the water and it'll eventually bubble with powder, and let sit, into powder. Duststone breaks naturally, as the weight of new growth renders the base weak, and it breaks off into dust.   The most dangerous times of the Dust are during Blackouts and Fog.   Dust's Fog gives cover to the ancestors that roam, and makes their travel unpredictable and thereby dangerous. They can crowd Towerways or parts of the Bridgeways to hunt or wait for a meal among unlucky travelers.   But worst of all are the blackouts. A supernatural phenomena, they wipe out all sources of light and give ancestors the ability to roam wherever they please and cause havoc. They can enter towns and drag citizens into their caves, or destroy parts of bridges and do serious damage to towerways, or even collapse the pillars of which the Humane depend on to fend off the Dust and its dangers.
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