Bridge Carriage

Six wheeled carriages specially made to travel the Bridgeways. Completely covered for safety. They travel on the rails, and built with metal wheels that can withstand a little growth from the duststone that can cause irregulates along the tracks.   The most common variant is the triple deck carriage, pulled by two Buddel Brecken, and the main mode of transportation for the Commonform and Towerform to travel.   Other versions include a cheap shorter carriage, mostly for messengers with minimal storage. The other is specifically heavy loads and transporting large amounts of items like duststone.   Carriages are stored in Towerway garages. If traveling past the tower, a new carriage and brecken are used, by regulation to examine the carriage and not wear out the beasts.   Highform society praise themselves on having their own private carriages from Towerway companies. There's a license and city limit for carriages by DEPART, so it's quite a feat to get. Casual travel is not very common or safe, and by some is seen as a waste for so many that rarely leave the city to have a vehicle.
Fun Fact: I tried out a a very short visual novel format to tell a tall about a nameless passenger on a carriage ride, FRALE TIDES: Bridgeway Carriage.
  "The carriages are all full from duststone  we're going to be stuck behind them for hours. We might as well turn back to the towerway, they got the brightest workers at here clogging the rails."
-extremely late commonform


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