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The Vindexian-Provector Border.

"You feel strength crossing the border; a boundary set for years finally being broken. Then the synchronized gunshots will leave you robbed of your life or dignity as you run away." - Saeculum


The border once consisted of rolling prairies and hills. That's a farcry compared to what has turned into, these features were ravaged by war. Prairies have transformed into abandoned mineshafts with bullets, bodies, and blood littered about. Hills have shrunk in size due to the use of primitive explosives. No rivers to speak of run even near the border. The most water present are puddles in the abandoned mines. Despite the horrid landscape, the climate is quite calm. This seems to bethe only aspect remaining left before the war. The border is a stalemate and no one has any say in what happens in its hold.

Fauna & Flora

Due to constant battles, nothing lives here. Bats don't even live in the caves or mines here. Cows, horses, and bison used to call this place home until the war began. Family farms used to own land near the border, all that remains now are ruins. The destruction of these homes showed a great example of the savagery and lethality of the Vindexian-Provector border.

Natural Resources

Nothing of value is held above ground here. Above ground all you will find is stone and debris, below ground is a different story. An abundance of valuable gems and metals are held underground out of the naked eye's reach. Mines were dug here by Provectus to quickly harvest the ore. In their haste, most mines fell apart or were destroyed due to their lack of mining experience. These ruins were soon taken by Caesellius Vindex and many ravines were left in the ensuing battle. The war has mostly devolved into a stalemate over the valuables. Greed isn't the factor at play, it's fear.
Alternative Name(s)
Death's Split


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