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The Varri of the Frozen Seas

On a stormy night, upon the Southern Seas
You spy a ship with masts as tall as trees.
An icy chill sweeps over your deck,
The seas stop swift, hoping you'll wreck.
Beware, Beware!

Approach the mast-main, Approach the mast-mizzen,
But do not approach the bow, lest alarm be arisen.
Gliding more than sailing,
On frozen waves, ne'er failing.
Beware, Beware!

A song of frost upon the air,
Avert your eyes, do not stare.
Approach the ship with courage fast,
But aware, that it shall not last.
Beware, Beware!

Approach heart and heavy, with fire at the ready
For the cost of Fear they do so levy.
Magi of Ice, Predators of the Frozen Sea
Beware, Beware!
You face the Varri!

— Poem of Unknown Origin serving as a warning to avoid the bitterly cold southern seas of Kevanti


The Varri of the Frozen Seas are the only Varri most Kavenai have ever heard of. They're treacherous folk whose very name means "Killer" in Old Kraakan.

At the head of this clan of Varri, is the Admiral, the one who commands all the ships in the fleet.

Below the Admiral is the Fleet Captains, each running their own ship. Below them are the First Mates, then its the rest of the crew, with the ship doctors outranking the Fleet Captains in matters of emergency, but in general once you get below the First Mate, the pecking order seems to solely be based upon who has the sharpest sword.

Public Agenda

The only agenda outsiders can determine that the Varri Icers have is "kill anyone who isn't a Varri". Though, in truth, it's generally considered among the Varri that the Icers are their officially unofficial navy. They protect the Varri from outside threats that might come to them by sea. The Varri need no protection from the air, as the clime they live in is far too frigid for any flight capable Kavenai to reach by wing, and far too remote for any Kavenai to approach by plane or spacecraft.


The first known encounter with a Varri Icer dates back to some 1500 years before the Kraa invented steamships, and the immense danger the Ice magic the Varri possess poses to the biology of the Kraa and most other Kavenai has caused enough fear and concern that despite being able to travel that far south with ease upon modern vessels, no Kavenai on record has ever returned alive upon running into Varri Icers.

From the Frozen Harbors, Frozen Fears to Feast Upon Frozen Beasts

Founding Date
Debatable, and undocumented
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
The Frost Magi, Varri Ice Pirates, The Ice Runners
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Icers, Varri


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