The Tyrai Excursion

Ships Logs Supplemental

Incomplete retrieved logs of the SM2-Python, the last known ship to explore the Tyrai system. The recent rediscovery of this 1000+ year old vessel drifting empty, databanks corrupted from years of disuse and attempted recovery of outdated file formats on newer systems, with no signs of a struggle nor that there was ever life on board has sparked new interest in the forbidden Tyrai system.



A Message From The Galactic Research Foundation

Though we extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to Captain Xiá and her partner Scion aboard the TS1-Tenacity for their work on this project--we do understand without Scion's intimate knowledge of getting outdated files into a working state we never would have been able to hear the messages on these logs--we would like to remind anyone thinking of following in their footsteps that boarding a GRF vessel without permission, even an empty or seemingly abandoned one, is against the rules. Anyone caught doing so, will be subject to fines and, if caught stealing anything from the vessel, possibly face criminal charges through the Galactic Security Forces. Thank You.

Response from Scion

I spent three months getting those files working. Three months. It would have taken them three years, and that's if they didn't write it off as not important and give up. THREE MONTHS. And that's the thanks we get? "Thank you, but if you do this again we'll have you arrested for trespassing." Ungrateful. This is why I prefer working with the Seekers of Truth. You don't care how I get my information or what I might have had to do to get an artifact working. You care about results and the knowledge gained. The GRF cares so much about their stupid rules, that even though we basically just alerted them to what might be information that could change the course of history, they threatened to have us arrested if we do it again. Whatever. Next time, I just won't tell them. I'll just tell you. You might actually do something with it. This information could change history, could prove that there is something to all those stories that an old god lives in the Tyrai system. It should be used, not sit in some museum as an example of why the Travel Ban is a good thing. It might make Xiá mad, but I have to do what I think is right.

— Message sent to the head of the Seekers of Truth, attached were the files that Scion had translated into working condition--some files included did not make it to the GRF.

From the Databanks of the GRF Travel Museum


Galactic Research Foundation records indicate a high ranking Galactic Security Force liason officer by the name of Sellaris Mariniun was the last person to have contact with the Python's crew before their departure to the Tyrai system. It is unknown for what reason Ol' Sella contacted them, however it is theorized that she requested they survey the system for the cause of the disappearance of the FR5-Sellaris, her son's light duty freight runner ship, which vanished a few months prior when it ventured too close to the system on one of its runs.


The Python left GRF headquarters sometime in 2395, and was believed to have arrived in Tyrai a few months later, though other records indicate the year of their exploration was 2404. It is unknown what the reason for the discrepancy is, however, it is known that if it were true that they explored Tyrai in 2404, they could not have done so at the request of Ol' Sella as she was killed in a skirmish with The Raiders in 2402.


Records indicate that the Python sent out a singular distress beacon before disappearing completely in 2404. Ten ships, crewed jointly by GRF experts and GSF search and rescue officers, departed for the Tyrai system to search for and rescue the ship. None were seen or heard from again. Oddly, the authorization to pursue the ship and mount a rescue attempt was signed and dated by Ol' Sella that same year, despite her death two years prior. Investigations into this are still ongoing. As a consequence of the Python's rediscovery, there's been a push to lift the ban on travel and exploration of and near to the Tyrai system. A ban that has stood and not been violated for near 1000 years. Something lives there, it is reasoned, and it might be a threat to the entire Galactic Community.


Many people have heralded the discovery of the logs as a sign that explorations of the Tyrai system should continue. There is evidence within the logs that suggests some sort of highly intelligent life persists in the system. It has been over 1000 years since the Python was lost in the system, some claim its recent rediscovery drifting, completely empty of any sign there was ever a crew on board, in the space between the Tyrian system and the Cianlis system, is a warning that whatever lies within the Tyrai system is about to expand its claim.

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