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Gift of Cloth


This ceremonial gift giving is a diplomatic tradition among the mountain clans in establishing friendly relations.   The Innoit adopted the practice to target people for incorporation and annexation into their expanding territory. It is a part of their variable strategy to work out amicable relationships through gift exchanges, marital exchanges or political alliances.


Extraordinary value is placed on cloth. Embassies present themselves as benefactors to the entire population of the target. This is done by giving out gifts on a grand scale and all the food and drink the people need.

Components and tools


The coarsest low-grade cloth is generally not worn, but used for basic household items such as blankets, rugs and sacking.
Individual threads used in this type of cloth were said to sometimes be as thick as a finger.


The most common grade made from llama or alpaca wool that had a much higher thread count than chusi cloth. The lower-classes of the highlands wear thick garments, while lighter cotton clothing is produced on the warmer coastal lowlands.  


The finest high-grade textile reserved for the nobility and the emperor himself. It is of exceptionally high quality and requires a specialized state-run body of dedicated workers to manufacture.
Throw that away. Don't even return it to where you found it.   It is a death sentence for a common man to wear such a fine cloak.
— warning to an ignorant catspaw
Elaborately decorated cumpi are made from the wool of baby alpacas or vicuñas. With even more extravagant items being made of vampire bat hair, hummingbird down or spider silk.


Gift to a Ruler

The Sapa throws great public ceremonies where they give gifts as a way to reinforce that sense of mutual allegiance between the state and those they are governing.

Gift to a Peasant

Cloth gifts are doubly valuable for the practical use as cloth and as a grant of the crown. The state, likewise, is doubly served by ensuring the supply of cloth and the exploitative nature of the weaving mit'a in culturally acceptable and sanctioned reciprocity.


Pre-Conquer Campaign

Prime gifts would be a very fancy tapestry weaved cloth. The most ornate are made out of things like silver, little shells, but more often, camelid wools and other things.

Post-Conquer Campaign

The gift-laden conqueror, at the moment of defeat, issues a compulsory issue. Since the conqueror's generosity obligates one to reciprocate as the initial priming. Thus locking the vanquished in a dependent relationship.
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Silver Silk
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