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The Allspace hangs above the Canvas Valley, suspended between two peaks of the Spring Rim. It is a building with a proud, ancient history, dating back to the early days of the Elements. It has grown to be a place of importance for all four kingdoms.  


  The Allspace is a stone structure made primarily of slabs of granite mined from the Spring Rim. Two long walkways extend from the peaks on either side of the Canvas Valley, meeting in the center on either side of the Allspace itself. The structure is roughly spherical, ascending and descending to the smallest floors at the top and bottom.   Inside, a large hall forms the heart of the structure, with carved stone pillars from each kingdom scattered throughout. The majority of the more utilitarian rooms lay above the hall. Simple square rooms are nestled off of small hallways that wind their way through the upper structure. Below the hall, the rooms are larger, intended for worship, meeting, or just enjoying the views from the pool on the bottom floor. Of course, the top floor has the best view of all, with its panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.   Although the Allspace is a magical marvel, such a large structure floating so high above the ground, it is relatively simple otherwise. Its construction is consistent with early Elemental design, boxy and straightforward. Yet, it is clear that it was built to inspire awe. And from most angles, it succeeds.  


  The Allspace requires a small community of people to live there throughout the year in order to keep it functional.  

Magical Maintenance

Someone has to keep the place afloat. Literally. A team of clerics of varying disciplines work to keep the Allspace suspended above the Valley and provide it with water. In several underworships, it is a rite of passage to spend a year or more at the Allspace, learning the spells that keep it functional and aiding in their maintenance. These same clerics also assist visitors in magically getting from the ground to the air several times a day.

Mundane Maintenance

Someone has to keep the place in one piece. A large number of people in residence at the Allspace just keep it nice. They sweep, mop, pick up trash, fix leaks, fix cracks, fix furniture, polish the many windows, cook for everyone in residence, keep an eye on the pool that makes the bottom floor, and much more. It is a running joke amongst the community that it is more work to keep the Allspace clean than it is to keep it in midair.


Someone has to keep the place afloat. Not quite so literally. With hundreds of people visiting the Allspace every year, not to mention the number of people in residence, a number of staff are needed just to keep the place organized and functioning people-wise. The Steward of All oversees the running of the building, coordinating the magical and mundane maintenance staff along with the administrative folks who schedule diplomatic visits, school trips, cleric residencies, and more. The Steward has lots of helping hands, of course. But they are typically still a very stressed person.   One of the challenges of running the Allspace is that technically, it doesn't belong to any of the kingdoms. Or, depending who you ask, it belongs to all of them. Either way, it leaves the place in a bit of a pickle when it comes to funding, laws, and diplomatic relations. The people who come to the Allspace are citizens for four different kingdoms.   But if wrongdoing occurs on Allspace territory... it answers to Steward and the Steward alone.  


  The Allspace has a simple set of rules that govern those that enter this kingdom-neutral space.  
  1. No harm, emotional, physical, political, economical, or metaphorical, is to be done to any other creatures within or around the Allspace.
  2. Do not litter.

Religious Importance

  The Allspace carries an enormous amount of religious significance for all four deities. It is the one place in the kingdoms where all of the deities are worshipped within one structure. It has the greatest concentration of radiant magic of any place in the kingdoms, from centuries of spellcasting and maintenance. It is also home to a large number of high-ranking priests, most of them clerics, at any given time.   Most underworships try to have at least one cleric-priest of the faith in residence at the Allspace at all times. There are several reasons for this: first, it establishes credibility (no underworship worth its salt would just not have a cleric at the Allspace second, it promotes unity and cooperation between underworships; third, it helps ensure that a sacred space is maintained.   But of course, there are a lot of underworships. Which means there are a lot of holy folks wandering around the Allspace, trying to contribute to its maintenance and administration. The Steward is the ultimate authority for organizing those efforts. But for the interior organization of the holy community at the Allspace, four priests are elected from among themselves to speak for them and make decisions among them, one for each of the deities. The High Priests of All assist the Steward in organizing the clerics, priests, and cleric-priests in residence and oversee the training of any visitors or residents that seek such services.   The High Priests also encourage and cultivate the holy community, organizing events to promote the spiritual and interpersonal health of the community in residence. Such events include periodic ceremonies that people journey from all over to experience as well as the smaller "movie" nights that young clerics-in-training will come to after long days of ferrying visitors or channeling floating spells.  

Secular Importance

  While the Allspace is known as a primarily religious monument, it also serves a very important non-religious function: it provides a neutral meeting ground. Diplomatic meetings and functions will often occur at the Allspace, especially when more than two kingdoms are involved. It has the benefit of being roughly equidistant from each of the capital cities as well as promising consistent, comfortable, and plentiful accomodations. And it has very affordable rates as well, merely asking any diplomatic visitors to provide some sort of trade resource in a plentiful amount.   To assist the frequent diplomatic goings on that occur at the Allspace, and to assist the citizens of their respective kingdoms, there is typically at least one representative from each kingdom in residence at the Allspace. They contribute to the administration of the Allspace in addition to advocating for visiting citizens in between diplomatic visits.  


  The Allspace was built by the brief-lived Radiant Element in 42 AD. It was intended to be a permanent base of operations for the group of religious casters that were attempting to establish their own Element. In 44 AD, a group of mages from the Earth Element snuck in during the night and used the plentiful rock at their disposal to smash out the majority of the Radiant Element folks. That effectively put an end to the Radiant Element, but a few of the members of the brief movement survived the assault and continued to maintain the large building they'd carefully constructed for their future.   Over time, more and more religious casters floated to the Allspace, either out of curiosity or desperation. The Element Wars actually became a catalyst for the use of the structure as a diplomatic space. With the kingdoms at war, neutral ground was both more important and more impossible to find than ever before, leaving the Allspace as the only option. It was during this time that the first Steward of All appointed themselves and began to get stuff properly sorted. Amidst a war.
Temple / Religious complex


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