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The Forge- Home of the Scarlet Knights

The Forge is the legendary home of the Scarlet Knights. Not charted on any map, and only accessible by ships properly enchanted to grant entrance, The Forge serves as a headquarters, a school, a monastery, and a place of pilgrimage to Elios' faithful. It is home to the First Caldera and the Keystone- both holy relics and places of worship for those who pray to the God of Light.   


During the Arrival, Elios and Lyra both knew they did not want to transform the people of 4 Corners but provide them with symbols of guidance and inspiration to empower them. Lyrah and her Shadows were formed in a mythical dark tower that is said to only be visible when all three moons shine in the sky during the longest night. The other was the Forge. Elios found an island away from the mainland and the reaches of the fiendish terrors that stalked there. It was on that island that he brought with him a piece of his own land, the Keystone, the heat the first Caldera in order to forge the 15 weapons. It was on that land that the 15 Solarun agreed to make their sacrifice in order to be forged with the sacred steel from the homeworld to create the weapons. And it was here, the first 15 bearers were chosen and bonded with the weapons.    From then on, this place has become the home of the Scarlet Knights. It is where hopefuls are ferried in order to receive training to become Scarlet Knights, it is where the weapons are kept safe when they are in between Bonds, and it is a place that all faithful of Elios hope to go to one day.   

Getting to the Island and Training

  There is a fleet of 5 sacred ships that have been constructed from the wood on the island of the Forge. After completion, the ships were blessed from bow to stern by the 4 Elders of the Forge- each representing one of the 4 Pillars of Light. The magic of Elios is soaked into the very wood of the ships, and these ships then go forth and find hopefuls who desire to be trained to become knights or other powerful religious figures for the Church of Elios. Only ships with these enchantments can sail passed the powerful abjuring magics that keep island safe from intruders. The ferrymen are said to typically be people who have tried to become knights themselves but were never chosen by a weapon. Each on who cannot wield a sword can learn to captain a ship, faithfully. And so, they do.   Training for a Scarlet Knight does not have a set number of years. Rather, it is through showing prowess and ability that signals to the Elders that one is ready to try their hands at a Wielding Ceremony. A successful prospect must get the approval of all 4 Elders before they can even try. If successful the two are bonded and will be ready to set out on their life roaming the Continent together. If not, the weapon will burn the hand of the prospect, and they can either choose a different pursuit among those on the island or wait for another weapon to return to the Forge to try again.   Training to become an agile acolyte, a priest or cleric, a weapons smith, or a master healer are all options at the Forge. And, if a ship is available, joining the crew is an option as well.

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