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Tahrich, the faithful.

At the dawn of the formation of crossroads, well over a millennia ago, the merchant trade was a very dangerous occupation. It would take months to cross a corner by land. If one survived the journey despite the numerous hungry predators as well treacherous terrain it was by a miracle or perhaps divine intervention. In the Eastern Corner, for instance, the forest and jungle cover was so thick, that it was easy to lose one's direction and to go in circles for days not knowing where you would end up unless you were an expert navigator.   If a merchant preferred to run trade by sea, then they would have to navigate the heavy winds and tides caused by 4 Corners Trio of moons. Navigation presented a challenge of its own. While 4 Corners was the only known continent, there was plenty of sea surrounding her, and collections upon collections of smaller islands that rarely make themselves known on the large continental maps (many for good reason).   The technology was far from being advanced enough to develop a reliable compass (numerous celestial bodies, as well as the magic from below, would interfere with exactly where north was), so master merchants would teach their apprentices the stories of the stars to help them navigate where to go. The one of Tahrich is common among the merchant trade and, soon enough, the story of the Lady's Hound who shows travelers where north became a popular tale.   The story goes like this:   In the Time of Being Hunted, a Lady appeared to a terrified person hiding in the tall grass. "Why do you cower in fear," she asked.   "The fiends hunger and hunt for us. We are their prey, as we always have been. I hide in fear to survive." "You poor creature. That is a terrible way to live. She said in sympathy, as her faithful hound bayed a warning that one of the terrible hungry creatures was about to approach. She placed a kiss upon the person's forehead prepared to flee for her own safety. But before she left.   "Tahrich warns us of danger. I will think of a way to help you, but until then, run and survive" She shimmered into nothing and the person ran and hid somewhere else and survived the night.   The next night the person was being chased by a pack of Leonine fiends. Their roars called out in the distance and it wouldn't be long before this person would fall. It there, in the glow of three full moons, that Tahrich appeared to the running, fearful person. They motioned for the person to follow them, and so they did until they came across the ocean. The person could not swim, he stood in fear unsure which death would befall him- drowning or being consumed. The magical hound bayed again and kept running atop the water and so the person, fearing the jaws closing in, ran after the hound. Their feet did not sink into the water, and they walked across the top, just like the hound did. Leonine, the only kind of fiend who fears and loathes the water, had no choice but to lose their prey, and he roared in anger.   At last, the person caught up to the hound and noticed that Tahrich had something in his mouth- it was a pair of golden wings that shimmered in the moonlight. Tarhrich leaped into the air and disappeared among the stars. The person looked up and saw that Tahrich had not completely disappeared but was among them, and the hound's nose was pointing at something. So the person donned the wings and followed the nose where they found a magical place and lived happily ever after.   Merchants both land and sea all know to follow the nose. No matter which way one looks, it will always lead you to treasure. It was how the Oasis of Crossroads was found by land, and it is how every harbor is found by sea.


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