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Súiltine- The Holy City Bathed in Fire

In ancient times, when Fezzeret and his fiendish children ruled the 4 Corners, a time came when the people were ready for a change. They, however, did not have the power within themselves to fight back. So the first gate was formed. The prey people climbed the highest mountain they could find, a dormant volcano in actuality, and gathered stones from places all across the Eastern Corner that they called home. They spent that night singing and crying out for help, for someone or something to hear them.    Someone did. Some other things did as well. That night, as they sang, the fiends were lured and attack numbers of prey people who basically made their locations known loud and clear for the taking. But, Ignea, the lady of Fire, the goddess of destruction and creation, heard the cries as well. And. she witnessed the slaughter of a strange people. It was enough for her to know definitively that she would help them, and she would call upon the most powerful beings that she knew to help them as well.    

The Old City

The rest, as they say, is history. The site where Ignea's gate resided, on top of the mountain, became a holy and revered place. While it was not a bustling or thriving city, monasteries, temples for holy reflection, and other sites of religious importance grew slowly, yet surely. The people of the East are nomadic at heart. Yet, old Súiltine was a place for those who traveled to stop and find peace and calm for a while before continuing on. It was always considered neutral ground for rivaling clans, and oftentimes alliances or peace treaties were held and established here. Ignea's magics, while she was still connected to the 4 Corner's world was a source of calm and comfort to all who were nearby and sought it out. It was here that Severance hit the hardest.    

Cataclysm and Severance

After Marus swept in and nearly wiped out all of his faithful and worshipers, Ignea and the other three gods had decided it was time to leave the people of 4 Corners to their own independence from then on. The connection needed to be destroyed, for they were causing far more harm than good. Yet, what none of the gods knew was destroying the gates needed considerable amounts of power to do so. And the results of that power would manifest in 4 Additional natural disasters that no one, not even the gods, had anticipated was to happen. In the East, the quiet mountain awoke suddenly. The eruption not only sent the remains of Ignea's gate spewing forth miles apart from each other, but the lava, ash, and destroyed every and anything that had lived around and withing the mountainside. The commune, the epicenter of peace and neutrality, was close to no more but a shell of destroyed monasteries and the remains of the faithful.   However just as true as Ignea's words- from destruction came rebirth  

Modern Day

  After the ash and dust had settled, people quickly discovered that the land that was left behind had changed. There were no more trees, the river had changed into an almost swampy delta, and the soil was now rich with minerals that almost anything could grow in it. The stories of the promising farmlands sent people streaming towards this new place. The old monasteries became granaries and counting houses, the old temples were torn down for housing and shops, and the site where Ignea's gate once was became the location of the immense Capital building- created in memory of those who were lost in the eruption and those who rebuilt the city to its current glory.    "From the Ashes of Destruction Comes Rebirth. We are Born, we die, we live again. The cycle continues as is the way of the world and the universe" -Ignea's scriptures as dictated in Terras Complete history

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