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Olhamn- The City of Excess


Following Cataclysm- 6 noble families survived the ordeal to help rebuild the Southern Corner from the ground up. These families took the land, divided it among themselves into 6 Lordships. Each region of that corner had something to offer to contribute to helping reestablish goods and trade between the Southern Corner and the other three.   The Aethelgar family took to the Western coast which was battered that worst by Marus' waves. What was left behind, however, was acres upon acres of fertile, mineral-rich soil. While the growing season of the Southern Corner is too short for many above-ground crops, the Aethelgar family discovered that certain grains and root vegetables positively thrived in the area. While bread and food for winters was the initial thought, the matriarch of the Aethelgars at the time saw the potential for much, much more. And thus, the Aethelgar family cornered the market in the many things that help bring a bit of happiness to the cold, dreary, long winter Southern Corner.    

How Much Excess Exactly?

  Aethelgar ale and distilled alcohols are well-known throughout all 4 Corners to be the easily accessible, easy to drink, and overly abundant alcohol in most bars. The noble family spends as much of their wealth they can towards not only manufacturing the alcohols, but also cornering the markets with the Merchant's Guilds to secure trade routes, and formulate alliances with other alcohol creators across the Continent. It is pretty well known across the Southern Corner that for every Merchant seen in a Southern Corner city, there is an Aethelgar most likely paying them behind the scenes.   The city itself is known as a place of excess and vice. It is a haven for people looking to cut loose a bit and indulge in any number of things for a few days to keep the cares and worries of real-life away for some time. Not only are there bars, taprooms and tasting parlours on every street and at every corner, there are also tours of the breweries provided for those with the money to afford them as well as gambling houses, smoking rooms, brothels, apothecaries and druggists selling any number of mind-altering substances. If there is a demand for it, the city most likely provides it with little to no legal repercussions for doing so provided it does not result in the destruction of property, theft, or murder.     The Aethelgar family city of Olhamn does not use their own human resources to provide law enforcement but employs a collection of mercenaries to do the policing for them. The large brutish characters hail from an island not too far from the heart of Olhamn and are simply referred to as Scions. The origins of these folk are also enshrouded in a bit of mystery, yet not even the drunkest or high individual will build up the courage to ask them what those origins are.   If one is looking for a good time, 'decent' ale or grain alcohol, and perhaps to forget about life for a while, the city of Olhamn is the one for you!
Large town

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