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Fothlaiwei (Foth/Fo-Wei) is the now claimed territory of the Voidspawn. A once thriving and abundant planet ruled by an ancient species that has since been wiped out due to a contagion outbreak of a deadly plague. A diverse biome of lush forests, thick jungles, murky swamps and bogs, vast oceans dotted by archipelagos, and two great continents, Foth is truly a paradise for beings that harbor a more sturdier biological background.   Like a petri dish riddled with bacteria, the deep and diverse habitation of Foth spans in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the strange and exotic lifeforms that are rarely seen upon other planets. Many speak of it being an Eden; vibrant with a touch of divinity where one can bask in the wonders of nature in her truest forms. Others see it as something to observe at a safe distance given that the entirety of the planet itself has been quarantined for eras due to a plethora of known bacterial infections that have evolved or mutated once originated from Foth.   Nevertheless, Voidspawn have opened their stringent borders to allow Outsiders to enter under protected jurisdictions for the first time in 600 years. Here, one will discover the surprisingly vast diversity of this muddy ball that the War Toads call home.

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