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As one of the Lost, she fled from an angry drunkard of a master who beat her regularly and failed to teach her anything after a year of service. Realizing that he intended to have her put to death for failing to learn the trade of brewing, she opted to flee into the foreboding Valta Mountains, preferring to contend with starvation and the slakmars than another year of beatings followed by certain death. Knowing that she would be killed on sight by any Valtarans for being a runaway, she decided to seek revenge for her suffering by gleefully murdering her master before disappearing into the craggy rocks.   After surviving for a several weeks on meat from a lost adventurer who had frozen to death in a crevice too narrow for slakmars to reach, the young girl encountered an old woman dressed in rags who offered her shelter until morning. When the old hag crept over her in the darkest part of night and drew a dagger, the girl leapt up and snatched the blade from her hand. She plunged the dagger into the old woman's chest and felt nothing but empty rags as the witch cast off her disguise. In exchange for a blood tithe, she offered training in the black arts and an opportunity for revenge on Valtarus. The proposition was immediately accepted and the young girl learned how to kill merchants and mercenaries alike.   Rumours began to spread about an angry spirit that trod the mountain paths and it was said that to see it meant that one's death was imminent. So the girl took Imminent as her name since she rejected the one given to her by her parents at her Naming. She also cut out the brand on her shoulder, offering the flesh to her new mistress.