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Ninhursag was born from the void, a flicker of change that erupted into an existence. For aeons, she was alone and thought of all the things that could be done if there were only a reason to do any of them. Yet she sat and pondered since there was no cause to do otherwise. She would nod off and wake again before nodding off, alternating between thinking and dreaming, until she dreamt of an egg, and brought it into being when she awoke.
She cared for it and checked it regularly for signs of change, looking forward to seeing what would hatch from it. An eternity passed this way until one day she went to check the egg and accidentally dropped it.

It broke in half and she cried for what would never be. As she wept, her tears fell on the two halves. She was so busy weeping that she didn't notice as they began to root into the void. Their roots grew rocks along them and formed the ground. As she continued to cry, Ninhursag's tears formed the oceans of the world.

Angry with herself for breaking the egg, her only possession, she slammed her fists into the mud and mountains formed, jutting up from beneath the oceans. Then the halves of the egg grew into plants who took the form of two men and Ninhursag's tears of anger---- turned into tears of joy as she realized that it was the story of the egg to be broken and form the world.

She embraced each one in turn, calling them brother and naming the first one Namkuzu and the second Dimuzi. As the three of them found ways to busy themselves, it became apparent that Dimuzi and Namkuzu were very different. Dimuzi pushed his hands deep into the soil, tilling it so Ninhursag had a place ready for plants. His hands became rough so he invented the plough. Namkuzu ???
Ninhursag's anger at herself had left an impression on her first brother, while the second only knew joy.