Forgotten Realms: AW Edition

Kythorn 26, 1479 DR

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Welcome to a world where adventurers delve into the depths to win great treasures of old, heroes stave off the insidious plots of shadowborn fiends, undead necromancers vie for absolute mastery of life, and voracious dragons hunt. Welcome to a land whose magic-soaked bedrock has spawned millennia of eye-popping wonders and heart-stopping threats. Here lies great adventure for those who dare much. Intrepid wizards defy warnings scribed in the crumbling stone of ancient barrows. Criminals skulk in the alleys of noble and ignoble cities alike. Priests rally the faithful, calling on divine beneficence to aid companions. Warlocks vie for mastery over ancient pacts whose origins are better left concealed. Warriors swear allegiances of defense against legions of enemies too foul to face the light of day. But here too, evil plots in the darkness, eager to expand its reach from dripping dungeons, endless caverns, ruined cities, and the vast wild places of the world. Away from the main roads and the great cities, the countryside is wild and fearsome, hiding roaming gangs of vicious goblins, spying shades from reborn Netheril, and outriders of necromantic Thay, as well as deadly remnants of magical plague. The world is a place of fey beauty and primeval malice. It is your land to shape, to guide, to defend, to conquer, or to rule. Welcome to the FORGOTTEN REALMS. Heroes needed.