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Session 1: Sword Coast Road trip

General Summary

Act I: Waterdeep, Inn and out

Together with their newfound friend, the gnome Erky Timbers a cleric of (Lathander), our adventurers, Ramadiel, Voron, Cyr and Dour are all back in Waterdeep after their adventure to the Sunless Citadel. Happy to be back to town with some loot for sale and some coins in their coin purses they look forward to be able to spend their hard-earned money on new items and great entertainment. The paladin sword shatter spike drew some unwanted attention to them while browsing the shops and merchants to find an interested buyer. They got pointed of in a direction wich proved to be an ambush. Luckily Voron's acquaintance Lucien showed up together with some of Harlans trusted brawlers and thugs, the rivaling guild pulled back since they where trying to pull the trick off in Harlans controlled area.    

Act II: The wolves and the girl

While traveling southbound from Daggerford the group notice that wolves seems to be watching them at a distance. The caravan misjudged the travel time for the next Inn along the road and we're forced to set up camp along the road. Concerned about the wolves and possibly roadside Raiders, they set up a guard schedule for the night. During the the night the wolves are present, lurking about around the caravan camp. Luckily no Raiders showed up and the wolves kept their distance. During Ramadiel's guard shift, he sees some kind of apparition of a young girl looking at him from a distance. What does this mean? And does it have anything to do with the wolves?      

Act III: The Goblin Horde. And newfound fluffy friends?


Act IV: Why is the cane hollow?

The caravan kept moving south while our adventurers, the guards of the caravan, were puzzled about the attack and the unexpected help from the wolves, did this little girl have anything to do with this? After a days trip the group arrived at the small crossroads village of Puddlebottom where they stay in the only Inn available, The Hollow Cane Crossroads Inn!  
Report Date
01 Nov 2020
Primary Location
The Sword Coast
Secondary Location

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