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Session 5

General Summary


  • Headed to Stonehill Inn bought flour and talked Don-Jon who needs an escort to Mountain's Toe.
  • On our way we found dead orcs that was possibly killed by a by the dragon.
  • Headed to Mountain's Toe and found that the cave is now occupied by a clan of wererats
  • We entered and spoke to the Whiskered Gangs boss.
  • We noticed that they drove off the miners and possibly killed some in the process.
  • We were surrounded by a few of them and rather exited the cave to strategize and find an alternative way back in.
  • We found 2 hidden entrances at the back and sent Manon in ahead to scout but not long and was ambushed by a Carrion Crawler.
  • The rest of us charged in after Manon to help her after Theren and Malark noticed the commotion.
  • We killed it. Manon and Theren proceeded further into the cave where they surprised a wererat trying to knock it out but it did not want to go down.
  • Theren was hit unconcious by the wererat then it set its sights on Manon.
  • We retreated and formulated a plan to proceed. Where Don-Jon mentioned that the wererats might susceptible to silvered weapons and magic based on stories he heard.
  • We moved away and camped out to recuperate and formulate the plan.
  • The next morning we went into the other eastern entrance we found.
  • Not too far in we found a room with commotion, as we barged in we found that it was filled with 6 dwarven miners that was scared.
  • We talked with them and got some recon info that helped us get the jumped on one wererat and kill it and we had time to setup an ambush for a rush from the other room where we talked to the leader.
  • The fight was brutal and persistent as wererats are tough when only magic works on them and no silvered weapons are insight.
  • I was bit by a wererat and felt a pain going through my veins in my arm. What is it? Could it be an infection???

Character(s) interacted with

  • Don-Jon Raskin.
  • Whisker's Gang (Pack of Wererats)
  • Miners from Mountain's Toe


  • Wererat bite and pain in arm?
  • Cleanse the area with incense sticks.
Report Date
30 Jul 2021
Primary Location

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