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Orc Fight/Hellstorm Aftermath pt 2 Report

General Summary

Eamon had a discussion with Umbra, revealing their worship of Selune and Malar. He also saw the wolves shapeshift to werewolf form. Players investigated the ruins of the orc camp. Philius found a discarded wax seal, bearing the insignia of the Zhentarim, among the ruins of the orc camp. Kal'houn found a cask of fine ale among the ruins of the orc camp. Players decided to return to Yartar. Nothing happens along the way. Philius convinced Breena to avoid mentioning the Zhentarim's possible involvement with the orcs. Qeh'Vahn heard from Father Bloodknuckle that a prostitute was murdered in the dock ward, and her body was branded with a symbol of Asmodeus.   Kal'houn wants to take the ale cask to the cooper who made it, curious about who made the ale within. Qeh'Vahn wants to meet with Tannin Coldstone to talk about the orcs and the Zhentarim's involvement. Philius will investigate the prostitute found murdered and branded by the cult of Asmodeus. Eamon will meet with Fenwick Fasthands for information about the cult of Asmodeus and other things.   Downtime: Qeh'Vahn: Shadow the Zhentarim, collecting info. Buy A Magic Item (healing potions) Eamon: Craft An Item - magical flaming gemstones (citrines) as earrings. Kal'houn: Shopping for healing potions. Purchase A Magic Item (arrows). Philius: Running A Business (Crimson Gambit) (increase rep and do admin stuff)
Crimson Gambit
Philius Haigarth
Eamon Grove
Qeh'Vahn Shatterstar
Report Date
20 Mar 2021

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