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40% Human 30% Drow 10% Drwarves 5% Orcs 5% golbins 5% tieflings 5% Other


Although Officially under the Rule of the Witchqueen Qilue of Tezir as the locals call her, she works more as the protector and focuses her time on the college more than anything.    She has assigned a group of merchants called the 6 Lords of Tezir. These lords deal with most of the trade negotiations and general needs of the city. While they mostly hired who they wanted. The group did agree to have a constant military force at all times. The 6 lords of Tezir are as follows A Drow female named Nacellia Vinn A Tiefling known as the Gloom the Lucky A Drow male Baron named Oreax Lupe A Human named Augustus Girdly A female dwarf of Corymian descent named Anabelle Kingstin A goblin merchant named Zeer the Slick


An open town with no city wall, a constant guard force can be seen throughout the city wearing a white and green tabards with a green hand in the center. Also, in case of big threats, the Witchqueen Qilue is a trained magic user who can deal significant damage.

Industry & Trade

Not as successful as Westgate but taking a close second, Tezir is the prime spot if you are looking for goods from the West of Elturgard, the Sword Coast or even Amn being near the end of the Trader's Road. Run by businessmen and women, there is a tax to use any facilities in the city for their upkeep. However, prices are regulated unlike most parts in the empire to keep things fair.


Short paved roads consist of most of the city, as it almost grew too fast. Housing is plentiful in Tezir as the population dropped about 10,000 since the Empire took over.


While there was a mine with natural resources, it was often not a profitable venture and trade flourished.

Guilds and Factions

Thieves Guild of Westgate Sister's of Nathlek The 6 Lords of Tezir


Having suffered from constant pirate attacks in the early part of the 16th Century. Tezir was weak and ripe for the taking being quickly outnumbered by the horde of Empire attackers in the year 1512 DR. However, due to its success, the merchant republic was mostly kept in tact just under a new guardianship of the empire with the wealthiest merchants ruling. However, as the more "monsterous races" moved in the humans that once inhabited started to make their way out of the city greatly diminishing its population. In an effort to stop the constant pirate raids, Djedfre offered Tezir's small port not to far away from city as a safe haven for the pirates. This has continued since having the dockyards being known as a pirate haven.    In 1528 DR when Qilue was named Marquesses of Tezir, many thought there would be a large shift in power. However, over the decade the power had shifted hands and the 6 Lords of Tezir happened to be the strongest at the time. They continued to run the city while being provided funds by Qilue to improve it as she focused on the School of Witchcraft which she deemed to be the most important focus. Thus, corruption ran deep and the thieves guild of Westgate continues to flourish and the Lords continue to get stronger. However, this has left Tezir quite open to outside forces.  A favorite town of the Empress who often visits, it often holds festivals of various cultures and has benefited greatly from the influx of money and attention.


City Limits

Tezir never truly was organized enough to be put into sectors except with the distinction of the Dockyard about a mile outside the city limits  

Inns and Taverns:

The Mill

This building appears to be made out of an old lumber mill. Still with the original design, the inside has been redecorated to give a feeling of a good hard day's work. A good whiskey is all you need to fit right in at the mill.

The Sea Dragon

Named after the dragonmere itself, this bar is a subterranean bar dug unto the ground. Glass walls completely surround the upperpart with an indoor aquarium for those looking for a more natural drinking experience

A Taste of Corymr

Run by a group of wealthy merchants originally from Cormyr, if you are looking for a traditional Corymr experience outside Cormyr this is the place to be.

The Sembian Sampler

Run by the same family of merchants from Cormyr, this is their take on the traditional but slightly different culture of Sembia.

Avian's Pub

A pub built high in the air, it requires quests to walk up a set of about 50 stairs to even enter. However, the view over the city and wild birds make it a bar to remember. Rooms can be rented here.

The Dwarven Lounge

Owned by one of the Dwarven lord herself Annabell Kingstin. It is a traditional dwarven style building with great stole pillars supporting it. Guaranteed to provide the best liquor in the city if you are looking for a good dwarven brew. Maps and stories of great dwarven cities and adventurers are often told here. Secretly however, it is getting payments and works with the Westgate thieves guild to filter more illegal goods to the city.

The Guilty Ruby

Owned by the goblin Lord Zeer the Slick, this very tidy establishment is smaller than the rest and caters to those who don't like their food cooked quite as much. However, a joking tavern, people will often stay and share skills with those who want it. Just beware though, the food sometimes bites and sometimes knives fly.  


White Water Trading House

Owned and run by the Lord of Tezir Augustin Gurdley, the white water trading house is an extravagantly designed building featuring many cultures in the city, including a section of Cormyr, Sembia, Drow, Dwarven, Elven and Orcish nature. This organized cell often requires payment to even enter as a tax of sorts. Depending on the crowd, sometimes you are even required to wait outside.

The Tale of Two Brides

Run by two human brothers Henrik and Fredrik, this bookstore is the prime spot if you are looking for a good story or information in the empire. Having manuscripts, legends, lost treasure maps and even a good collection of some romance novels. The Tale of Two Brides is truly the place for any avid reader who can sit in the loft and read till the store closes.

A Marked Goose

The fletcher of Tezir, known for some fine crafted bows. A shooting range is in the back, which isn't quite up to building code for you to test your skills with the bow. Occasionally the drow owner Tixa Pulfus will even hold archery competitions in the back.

The Thorned Daisy

The local apothecary. It is run by the Sisters of Nathlek in hiding. Usually the all female staff working here is known for their green robes and crowns of daisies. All sorts of potions can be found in this very natural building surrounding a tree.

Gloom, Glut and Glamour

A conglomeration of mini mall of stores that kind of acts as a general mall and area owned by Gloom the Lucky. It has all sorts of toys and activities designed for kids including worg riding, paddle boating, knights and bandits (with foam weapons) and mini forts as well as shops for clothing, board games and some black market deals on the side. Heavily influence and successful for the business the thieves guild provides.  

The Magician's Eye

Owned by Nacellia Vinn. Pulsing with purple lights, it gives off an intimidating presence. However, inside the dark mysterious building with sharp drow architecture, they can fin various drow working and willing to pay top price for the acquisition of rare magical items which they sell. However, don't cross them, all contracts come with a pact sealed in blood.  

Temples and Shrines

Temple to Azuth Temple To Chauntea The Helm of Gold -Helm Abbey of Abbathor -Dwarf god of greed Shrine to Keptolo - the drow god of intelligence Shrine to Maglubiyet - The Might One or Chief of Goblin Deities. Shrines to various human deities  

The School of Witchcraft

In the place of the old deceased Sage Aglasz Javildar's tower, the school of witchcraft has thus been extended to various towers operating as medical facilities for most of the city. Qilue Miadi is the High Witch of the Empire and runs the school which is mostly filled with sick and has vials of terrible poisons and patients with various diseases. Potions and various other remedies are constantly created within these walls which is one of the few schools which is mostly open to the general public allowing for people to visit their sick loved ones during the day. It is also the site of a teleportation circle to Nathlek and Westgate in the West Wing.  

House  of the Twilight Scholars

The house of the Twilight scholars is the local school for the young children. Teaching basic literacy. While this is usually nearby the local college if possible. In order to keep the children from being exposed to the various ill people. It is located on the other side.  

The Dockyard

    The dockyard is exclusively run by the Baron Lord Oreax Lupe. He is the heavy hand in the dockyard keeping the rowdy pirates in check. Due to this efforts, he receives the most funds of any of the lords privately and has large sway over Qilue and rules the decision.


A city built in small hills about a mile away from the Dragonmere.

Natural Resources

Low quality ores and lumber
Founding Date
1312 DR
Alternative Name(s)
City of Trade
About 30,000
Location under
Owning Organization

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