Trade Warden Yndra Paldoon

Trade Warden Yndra Paldoon is the Captain of the City Watch for the Trades Ward of Waterdeep. She was the one who changed the name of the office to Trade Warden, as she felt "Captain of the Watch" was too generic and wanted the station to hold a bit more weight through its title.   A career watchman, Yndra knew she was disappointing her merchant father early on by not marrying one of the rich suitors that came calling to the family mansion. She instead wanted to keep the Ward she had grown up in safe, as well as make changes to the city as a whole to make it a continually better place to live for everyone.   Her time as a watchman started rough. Others of the city watch were much more corrupt than she was, taking bribes, making evidence "disappear" into their wallets, and even strong-arming certain merchants for discounts. Her adherence to her code of ethics was not looked favorably by her fellows as well as some of the sergeants she worked under. She wasn't "By the book" exactly, but neither was she corrupt. She would judge situations by their context, and even if it went against the word of the law, she would find the most just way to deal with the issues on her routes.   Though he immediate coworkers complained about her, and even tried to get her fired constantly as they didn't trust another watch who wouldn't even take a small bribe, the half elf never let herself do anything that would give reason to her being fired.   Her sergeant hated her, but she found a lucky break when she stopped a brawl in the streets in front of the current watch captain. He immediately asked around about her, and even though many had bad things to say, the few clean watchmen of the Trades Ward showered her work with praise. He hired her immediately for his staff. At first, she refused, thinking that she was being taken off the streets, but after being informed she would be responsible for keeping an eye on the various watchmen and sergeants of the Ward, she accepted.   Stories began to circulate about a lieutenant who had punched and thrown a sergeant into a trash pile for taking a bribe, firing whole squads of watchmen who had bullied a tavern owner when he asked them to pay, even helping travelers with directions. Yndra was what the Trades Ward needed.   Eventually this hard work earned her the rank of captain, a title which she respectfully changed. Her cleaning up of the City Watch brought with it a new era of peace on the streets of her Ward.     --------     When the performer Illidrex was brought in, she didn't bear it much mind. She questioned him, determined that he would have to stand before a tribunal to determine his fate, and moved on. It sounded like he had caused a ruckus and she wasn't having that. She did respect his right to keep his mask on, however, as he said it was part of his family's beliefs and she didn't want an obscure cult getting uppity for dishonoring one of their customs.   When Kylynn the Blacksmith came to her with her complaint, Yndra wondered who the hell she had put into a cell. After a long 'discussion' between the two, Yndra decided her time wasn't worth fighting over a thespian and she let him go.   When he and the blacksmith left, however, she had the watchmen of the area keep an eye on him. Obviously this was not their highest duty, but if the performer was found to be dangerous during his performances, he was to be brought in again. Since then, whenever Illidrex performed in front of the blacksmith's shop, a watchman could be found keeping tabs on him.


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