The Maruaders

Known only to a few within the depths of the 9 Hells, a small band of elite warriors await the call of an arch devil that will launch them into their next campaign.  When force alone will not suffice, and when more drastic measures than even the might of Hell are required, the Marauders are called, and the thunder of their fiery steeds' hooves shake every layer of the infernal realm.     Their origins remain a mystery to the denizens of Hell, who have come to fear the bite of their weapons as much as the demons and angels the group was made to destroy.  When not deployed to strike fear into the vanguard of the Abyssal hordes, or slay any celestial foolish enough to wander within Hell's reach, their missions take on broader and more direct application to suit an arch fiend's will.  Capable of covering great distances with ease, equipped with some of Hell's best weaponry and intelligence, their arrival in any conflict has signaled doom more often than not to any they engage.  However, even they are not beyond the laws of Hell, and exhibit a willingness and what one might even consider desire to engage their enemies on equal terms.  They've even been known to allow disarmed foes to retrieve weapons, or call reinforcements to their lines if the ranks are not evenly matched.  Some suspect this is their desire to obliterate any and all hope their enemies might dare to hold with a display of might capable of overcoming even the most fearsome odds.  However, those that have seen them and lived to tell the tale recount what one might even call a sense of "honor" or a code that's almost as unbreakable as their will.  Where this sense of law comes from, no one knows, for the Marauders live to serve their masters and defeat the enemies of the 9 Hells, whoever they're deemed to be, and wherever they may be found.     No one has yet to ascertain the whole truth of this mysterious and harrowing force of Hell.


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