The City Guard

The City Guard is Waterdeep’s army, charged with protecting the city’s walls and gates, government buildings, harbor, and officials. The City Guard also patrols the roads to Amphail, Goldenfields, and Daggerford.


Ranks in the City Guard

  Members of the City Guard have ranks. From lowest to highest, they are:
  • Private
  • Sergeant (armar)
  • Lieutenant (civilar)
  • Captain (senior civilar)
  • Multiple command positions, some perennial (Seneschal of Castle Waterdeep, Defender of the Harbor, Master of the North Towers, Master of the South Towers, Master Armorer), others bestowed as needed in wartime (the Lords’ Hand and the Lords’ Champion)
  • Warden of Waterdeep
The current Warden of Waterdeep answers to the Open Lord, Laeral Silverhand.   The Griffon Cavalry is a special branch of the City Guard whose members are veteran soldiers trained to fly griffon mounts.
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