The 24 Solar

The 24 Solar are believed to be the only Solar in existence in the present age. Entities of immense radiance and strength, a Solar is often the leader of an angelic army or even several armies within the Upper Planes. Synonymous with the virtues of honor, loyalty, and courage, they are rarely dispatched and even more rarely seen while carrying out what some consider missions of the utmost import to the respective divine to call them to service. Of the 24, only a handful are accounted for within the Upper Planes, with one in known existence in the first layer of Hell. The others await their call to service, whether it be from a divine or from their own sense of duty. Silent and watchful guardians, those that take action travel the planes freely, granting an account of both their personalities and their intentions. The following is a list of those observed in the material plane, or suspected to have conducted missions there:   Auriel: A Solar of temperance. Auriel wields a bow of slaying like the other known Solar, firing an arrow from one side of Faerun to the other when her intended target fled through a dimensional gateway. According to witnesses, her mission was singular in scope, as she had arrived in the material plane to hunt down and finally slay an old rival from the Eternal Conflict. A nomadic tribe of elves in the Calimshan Desert were reported to have witnessed her deeds 500 years ago.   Emperius: A Solar of valor. Emperius wields a mighty spear named Solarian, rumored to have been forged in the core of a golden star and capable of decimating hordes of fiends in a single, fiery strike. Emperius is known to be haughty even by celestial standards, and those that interacted with or observed the Solar witnessed him speaking with disdain and condescension to any who weren't celestials themselves. However, the Solar showed no hesitation or restraint when it came to defending innocents, throwing himself fiercely into columns of fiends, orcs, and even giants when tides of darkness encroached too broadly or too boldly across the material plane. He hasn't been seen in the material plane for over two centuries.   Malthiel: A Solar of law. Malthiel, only witnessed once in recent years across all of Faerun in the recent war of Tyranny, was seen personally ushering mortal souls away from fiends attempting to entrap or lure them into Avernus. Some witness accounts claim that he also dispatched specific mortals for past sins and paid particular attention to those presumably associated with necromancy. Given the influence of the Raven Queen's involvement in the War of Tyranny, it is believed this Solar serves the Goddess of Death.   Uriel: A Solar of truth. Uriel has been seen on five separate occasions on the material plane. Three of those occasions were to speak with a fortunate mortal about a recent affair involving divine intervention. Twice she spoke on behalf of a mortal. The first is unknown, but the second is a gold dragon known by locals as Totec, who is a staunch protector of Tymanthor. Recently, there have been reported sightings of the Solar in the mountains north of Neverwinter.   Zariel: Formerly a Solar of justice, now the current ruler of the first circle of Hell, Avernus, Zariel was persuaded into the service of the Nine Hells by Asmodeus himself after her failed invasion of the Abyss. Unable to contend with both the demonic and infernal hordes, but uncompromisingly effective when dispatching demons, she made the choice to assume command of Avernus and fight the demons of the Blood War for all eternity. Now, she is a ferocious warlord and combatant, her zeal for destroying the denizens of the Abyss now made manifest in an amalgam of heavenly fury and infernal savagery.   Mitailis: a Solar of duty. Mitailis has been witnessed twice throughout Faerun's history. Once before the Sundering when he fought on behalf of the goodly folk of the north to stave off an orcish and drow invasion of the surface. Since, his presence was witnessed observing the passage of a large number of Illithids and Githyanki whose war had spilled into the material plane. Witnesses claim he alone stood between both armies and the material plane, demanding they return to their respective realm of conflict. When both forces departed, he was seen vanishing through a prismatic gateway into a land of floating landmasses, endless forests, and the shifting dunes of sand oceans.


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