Defender of the Harbor Jeroth Gallsmoor

Jeroth is an ex-pirate turned head of the Dock Ward for Waterdeep. His experience as a criminal (plus having served his time and paid his fines to the right people) bought him the trust of the watch to hire him initially as a sort of consultant for keeping illegal merchandise off the docks (as much as possible). Over the years of this, he eventually earned the trust of the then current Defender of the Harbor, Harra Willif, to make him her number two. Currently, she retired from public life and left Jeroth in charge. This was a move that initially made the Lords of Waterdeep raise their eyebrows, however, Defender Gallsmoor has proved to have moved past his criminal ways and legitimately goes about his duties. Though he does take the occasional bribe, it is no more than any in his station in any other part of the city.     ------------------------   Illidrex , the masked performer, was arrested early in his time in Waterdeep under the cause of 'disturbing the peace.' He had been doing a knife-juggling routine in a public square, and while most of the observers watched in excitement and interest, a few prominent members of the Dock Ward complained to the Watch.   Hauling the performer into Jeroth's office, the ex-pirate questioned Illidrex on his intentions and why he thought it was ok to wield blades in a public sphere. Illidrex responded, saying that there were many who walked the streets of the Ward with weapons concealed, and him showing them in public view was safer than that. While Jeroth didn't think the masked man was wrong, he still said that Illidrex made people nervous.   Illidrex thought for a moment. Then, he offered, under strict supervision, to show Jeroth his routine so the Defender could see for himself what Illidrex would do. Jeroth agreed. Afterwards, Jeroth held his hand out to Illidrex and asked him if he would perform at his favorite niece's nameday party the following tenday.   While that was a whole other situation that caused minor panic among some parents of younger children, Jeroth would be found after that responding to complaints of Illidrex's knife-work with the question "Has he started throwing knives into the crowd? No? Well then why are you bothering me about it?" He would even be found attending some of Illidrex's performances during his noon meal times. He never openly told everyone that Illidrex was allowed to perform, but over the years of complaints being unanswered, people eventually got the message.   Illidrex was also seen performing at the same niece's party every year for the last ten years.


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