Laendir is a young half-elf runaway, trying to escape his mundane farm life by getting reputation and power no matter the cost! Not always in the happiest mood he still tries to please all the people.....who he seems to get an advantage of!   Although he is quite objective and has a clear mind in most situations, in his belly lingers a unbridled rage and anger he sometimes cannot control!

Physical Description

Allgemeiner Physischer Zustand

Laendir is a rather tall and slim fellow!


Growing up on a farm near a frontier, he gained much strength and muscle through daily training sessions and hard work.

Kleidung & Schmuck

Usually you see him with mundane linen clothing. Beneath it you can catch a glance of mail armor.


He excels in melee combat but has some magic tricks up his sleeves. Was also able to obtain quite some knowledge by reading all kinds of books.

Mental characteristics

Persönliche Geschichte

Laendir grew up on a farm near a border, where hostile attacks where a weekly occurrence. So he was trained early in combat. But he never really wanted this or fitted in. Where other children where happy to kick each others theeth in, he wanted to be let alone and observe all kind of things. Not even his family could get a grip on him, so he was quite a loner. Doing work all day and having no friends, even though a lot of them tried to be.   It was not until he grew up to be a teenager, that he found his first real friend in a stranger who visited the farmstead. A old traveling merchant. Retrospective he was more of a mentor to him. Taught him to read. A whole new world opened up. Tried to learn everything which the stranger had to offer. After weeks of intense learning, the stranger decided it was best to move on and left the farm without Laendir.   Several more months past until Laendir decided to run away from his life. He lived in a city, whereas living rather meant surviving on a daily bases. As a no-one he had no chance to live a better life, until the day an opportunity would arrive. And it did in form of an old librarian who took him in.   After several years Laendir thought of himself to be ready for the adventure life. A profession legends arise. Eternal glory and riches. Laendir read many of those stories in his books. Of course exaggerated by the writers, but he wanted to become someone who was worth to be written of!


Learned to read by a travelling merchant. Improved in a library and gained much knowledge trough books.


Farmboy, then delivery boy at the library

Personality Characteristics


Power, might and social recognition!   ....or maybe finally finding some friends, real friends!

Positive Charakterzüge

Laendir seems to me friendly most of the time, even making little jokes, but is distant if someone tries to open his shell. He tries to be on good terms with everyone.   Otherwise he tries to think through every step before acting. Because life thought him, that one false step could mean being at a disadvantage, which he strongly detests.

Negative Charakterzüge

He is quite an opportunist. When he does not get what he wants, he often feels an untamed rage inside of his belly he cannot control once it is unleashed.


Kontakte & Beziehungen

Mother and Father were not close to him. Traveling Merchant Olog, mentor and friend. Librarian Alsenk Patar, father figure.

A young half elf, seeking power no matter the price!

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Borderland Farmstead
Biologisches Geschlecht
Light Brown
Long black hair
180 cm
90 Kg
Known Languages
Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Gnomish, Halfling


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