Forgotten Frontier

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Space. The Last Frontier.
When humanity hit the stars some thousand-odd years back, you’d better believe it was a big deal. They threw parties, printed headlines, had parades in the street. Them astro-folks was right celebrities. Seemed like all anybody wanted to do was head out past the wild blue yonder and find hirself a chunk 'a space to call hir own. Terraforming was the biggest thing since barbed wire fences.
Well and good.
At some point, though, we got a little lost on the way out to find independence. Seems nobody could remember where we’d started out, much less find it. The big shots put together surveys and expeditions and safaris to cruise through our star wake and unearth our homeworld. They didn’t find squat. Nobody did. Whether it was the Hand of God or a work of man, whoever done hid our home from us seemed to’ve done a right proper job of it.
Now, some of us got downright depressed about it all. Them folk, we call the Lost. They wander around, homeless, on an eternal pilgrimage to their forgotten origin. But the rest of us? We ain’t got time to go huntin’ for a planet doesn’t wanna be found. We got our lives to live.

This setting is designed using the Modern AGE ruleset, available from Green Ronin Publishing.